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At the start of the new week, there will be a New Moon in Capricorn, which happens on the 13th. The New Moon helps you set new intentions for the month ahead, and with it being in Capricorn, the focus is on your professional life. You can set preferences regarding your professional life or work on organizing anything in your personal life, such as budgeting or creating new routines and schedules.

And on the 14th, Uranus goes back direct in Taurus as it has been in retrograde since August of 2020. There have already been some upheavals and chaos. You will see changes happening globally, socially, and economically, and you will have urges to make personal changes as well. Currently, there are no planets in retrograde.

However, you will feel somewhat reckless and may have moments of acting on impulse as Jupiter in Aquarius makes a square to Uranus in Taurus on the 17th. Be cautious when you are driving as you can quickly get into accidents, and do not attempt to gamble on that day. You will feel overly optimistic at times, but you are likely to make some dangerous moves. Be very careful. Now, let’s see how you do according to your zodiac sign.

Aries – You know that with the vaccines rolling out, even if the pace is slow at the moment, normalcy will resume in months to come. You are looking forward to this, and at the same time, you are anxious and scared. You have been held back for so long the idea of getting back to ‘normal’ as you know it overwhelms you. Even though we are many months away from that, it is on your mind. The tarot card for you is the Hermit for this week. It would help if you reflected on your own to discover why this scares you.

Taurus – Your skills in writing and speaking are sharpening up this week. And keep sharpening them up as you will need to use them to conduct some Zoom meetings or presentations. You are much better at doing that than you think. The card for you this week is the Eight of Pentacles, as this is a great week to keep working on those skills.

Gemini – This is a good week to look at your finances and review your investments and stocks. Perhaps there are better financial growth opportunities to look at and evaluate carefully. You will also want to consider getting a new insurance broker as you can get better premiums elsewhere potentially. The card that represents you this week is the Five of Pentacles. You may end up dealing with an unexpected expense. Still, my feeling is that this card is relevant because if you don’t evaluate other financial growth opportunities, you could be facing some losses.

Cancer – If you are thinking of adopting a pet or another pet to keep your dog or cat company, this is an excellent week to do that. If you work from home, you could have another work from home fur-buddy. Or you want to have another companion; then you will enjoy that very much. The card that comes up for you for this week is the Six of Pentacles. You will need to get in touch with your inner child, and a pet can help you do that.

Leo – If you left some old creative projects behind, this is an excellent week to get back into them. However, the stress from the holidays and 2020 is getting to you this week significantly. You will want to take the 11th to the 13th to rest before getting back to pay attention to your creative projects. The card that comes up for you is the Four of Swords, which is the card that represents rest and recovery.

Virgo – Even though Jupiter and Uranus square were happening this week, you would do well with making investments. That is because you are excellent when it comes to analyzing things and financial growth investments are something you are excellent at evaluating. You are not the type to take risks, but this one is a good one to take. You can start with modest investments to be safe. The card that shows up for you this week is the Chariot, and regardless of how nervous you are, keep moving forward and take those risks anyway.

Libra – If you haven’t been working from home, this is something that comes up for you right now. Even if you have been working from home because of the pandemic, you may want to look into doing so for the long term if your employer would allow that. That is because you like the idea of helping to create better work and home life balance. Working from home will help you make that. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Two of Pentacles, which creates harmonies. That can be work and home-related.

Scorpio – You are feeling overwhelmed with work this week, and the best thing to do is to set mini-goals of the things to complete each day. Do not attempt to do anything all at once, or else you will burn out. The card that comes up for you this week is the Ten of Wands, which suggests to you that if you are burning out, then you must begin to delegate your work.

Sagittarius – You will have moments when you are suddenly angry, and the best thing to do is when you feel that fire burn within you – go and get a good workout going. You will feel much better and be less at risk of placing your anger onto someone innocent. You are understandably fed up with the world as a whole right now, and there is only so long you can remain optimistic. The card that comes up for you this week is the Star, so have faith that things will become less frustrating and there are improvements on the way.

Capricorn – The New Moon has a profound effect on you as you realize you could improve people skills. Even though you are not the type to be sociable, your reputation means a lot to you. You want to work on being friendlier as a whole. The tarot card that comes up for you is the High Priestess, which means your intuition is never wrong, especially right now by you knowing what improvements to make.

Aquarius – You will find yourself doing more self-reflection this week, and this is a good week to connect with your spiritual side and with nature. Even if you face a cold winter because of living in a cold climate, you can still get in touch with nature as long as you bundle up to stay warm. You will find new ways to connect with your spiritual side, and you may even want to adopt a pet if you haven’t already, even if you adopt a fish or a gecko. The card you have for this week is the Ace of Cups; therefore, prepare yourself for developing some new feelings for someone or something.

Pisces – This week, you have five planets in mutable signs, which will cause you to feel plenty of stress. Therefore, you will want to engage in healthy ways to relieve that stress that you think. Do some fun exercises such as Zumba or dancing in general. That will help you avoid indulging in unhealthy things such as sleeping too much or eating too many sweets to cope with stress. The card you have for this week is Temperance. Be kind and patient with yourself.

Hang in there. Things will improve!

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