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Watch out for noteworthy transits to emphasize this week. The week begins with Mercury in retrograde conjunction with the Sun, and this is a fantastic period to focus on any fresh beginnings that can open up for you. Because Mercury is in retrograde, you do not want to act on it. But jot down any concepts that come to you over the next several weeks, until after the 20th when Mercury goes direct and reassess those. 

On the 9th, Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, which implies you can work on something small to change you for the better, such as encouraging affirmations to enhance motivation. Nevertheless, you may battle with communication since Mercury will square Mars in Taurus, so definitely pay attention to what you state. 

On the 11th, there is a New Moon in Aquarius, and this is a superb period to focus on your wishes and desires and examine taking action plans (after Mercury goes direct) to achieve these goals. Venus also conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius the same day, which means you may end up with a little bit of good luck. 

On the 13th, Mercury in retrograde will conjunct Venus, and this is a wonderful time to call up an old friend, and maybe you can reconnect. You never know what can manifest from that. On the 14th, Mercury in retrograde will conjunct Jupiter which means this is an excellent time to broaden something you worked on from the past. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is, so why not spend time with that special someone or give yourself some extra self-care. Perhaps you can work more on an old project as well, which this transit supports. Let’s see how each of the signs do this week. 

Aries – The energies this week support your wish to begin a project of your choice are strong. Even though Mercury in retrograde is not the time to build new things, the energies help you make an old dream happen. The Magician is the tarot card for Aries, which is the card of manifestation and creation. You can create things but go with the old things you left on the backburner before anything new. 

Taurus – You have the awareness that you have unlimited possibilities. Nevertheless, the thing to sort out this week is balancing yourself from achieving your goals and maintaining your existing obligations. That is an area that you may battle occasionally, and this is an excellent period to employ balancing and organizing hacks so you don’t continue placing things on the backburner. The card for Taurus is the Two of Pentacles, which reinforces that it is important to balance responsibilities. 

Gemini – This week’s New Moon and other transits will help you look at your year ahead. Look at your objectives, see how you can sustain them, and discover what connections to lean on to help you do that. It is dawning on you that you are going to have a new beginning. The card for you this week is the Star. There are plenty of hopes and dreams for you to bank on and focus on that as you look at your year ahead. 

Cancer – There will be the temptation to connect with folks from the past, but deny the impulse because it will only create extra tension and misery for you. Here is another week to focus on self-care as the transits, particularly Pluto, will emotionally charge you. Take soothing baths for each night this week with a candlelit background. The card that comes up for you is the Ten of Wands, which is one that is so heavy to bear, and you definitely do not want to take anything more than you can handle. 

Leo – There is a compulsion to look for extra money-making opportunities, which springs a sudden fear that you are not making enough dough. Nevertheless, this is because there are untapped worries inside yourself, and Mercury in retrograde will induce those anxieties to bubble up. Please don’t run away from them; go and do some shadow work, and look into why there is a sudden fear of no having enough. The tarot card for you this week is Eight of Swords, and you may feel trapped within, but that is in your mind, and you’ll want to pick apart the things that make you feel so trapped. 

Virgo – Now is an ideal time to schedule a speak to a counselor or even a metaphysical practitioner such as an astrologer. That is because you are combating the extreme stress near you, which substantially influences your effectiveness. Mercury in retrograde is the best time to investigate that. The tarot card for you this week is the Hermit, which is the card that encourages you to do a self-reflective analysis. 

Libra – The robust air New Moon with trines to Venus and Jupiter will make your creativity flourish even more. Do not be scared to show your imaginative side to anybody. Now is a fantastic period to generate some intentions for designs for anything you want to create. The tarot card for you this week is the Empress, which is the card of creation and nurturing. Nurture your creative side. 

Scorpio – The New Moon will strain you because of the incompatible element, and you will look to search for peace within yourself. You realize that overreacting to issues isn’t helpful, which you have been struggling with for a while. Find your serenity this week, and spend some time with your comrades and family, and strive to avoid any troublesome discussions if you can. Spend time alone as well as long as you can be in a tranquil setting. The card for you that comes up is the Six of Cups, which is a good time to revisit old hobbies, things you enjoyed during your youth, and reminisced about the fun times you had. 

Sagittarius –  You are not the type to hold bitterness, but you still have some rage troubles that stem from those who harmed you in the past. Now is a good week to write letters to those and say whatever you need to talk to get it off your chest. It is an excellent notion not to deliver them. Burn those letters instead. But since those from your past are in your mind, why not send a friendly note to an old friend. You never know what can come out of that. The card that comes up for you this week is the Moon, which is a sign that doing shadow work is in order. 

Capricorn – The New Moon is there to support you to acknowledge your imperfections and weaknesses, which you do what you can to shun. Nonetheless, with the forces showing themselves to you this week, you will not be able to get away from looking inward. Maybe a family member will become irritated with you for not focusing on them enough. Probably you are not resting sufficiently because of your work. You are human; you cannot do everything the way you wish. The tarot card that shows up for you this week is the Eight of Cups, it is a hard thing to accept when it comes to your imperfections, but this is the best week to let go of the idea of keeping yourself up high on a pedestal. 

Aquarius – The attention is on you this week, and this makes you very uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this is the period to not just connect with your innovative, unruly, and progressive side. It is a time to show off what you have. Why not make a fun cake on your TikTok or an Instagram story? Your friends will admire that, and you will even get a laugh from it. The card that shows up for you is the Nine of Cups, and go after something you wish to do because you will get something great out of it!

Pisces – You have the possibility this week to cancel out distractions around you and to tap into your intuition. You may not believe you are so ingenious, but you are so much more than you think. If you are in a difficult situation, rely on your intuition to help you work around it. You can always request help, which you should do, but the answers are within you too, and don’t forget that. The card that shows up for you is the High Priestess, which means the answers are within you!

As you know, Mercury in retrograde is always not an easy time for most people. Nonetheless, you will cope with it, and after next week, it will finish. 

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