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You ended the week with the Sun making a trine to Saturn, which has given you an urge to innovate since Aquarius is the sign of transformation. Due to this combination, you would also feel drained, so you should have rested the last few days. However, you don’t need to rest now. 

Tuesday, the 8th, Mars in Capricorn makes a trine to Uranus in Taurus. When it comes to work and tasks, this is a great day to be as independent as possible. It is not ideal to start group projects as there is a lot of energy around independence. However, avoid overbending the rules as the urge will be there. 

Mercury and Pluto will conjunct in Capricorn during the next couple of days, which is a time to stand your ground, take control of your life, and never let anyone make you feel inferior. Also, you will feel more in control today, so group projects are not the best idea since you wish to be in complete control. 

It’s a good week to work independently, as you can see. So this week, let’s find out what’s in store for each of the signs by also doing a tarot card pull.  

Aries – Six Of Cups – Someone From The Past Coming Back

You are still affected by the kinks from Mercury’s retrograde until it returns to its station in a few days. Then, you will remember an old friend from college or elementary or secondary school. Perhaps you would like to connect with them, or you found them on Facebook as a connection suggestion. They might be the ones to reach out to you unexpectedly. 

Taurus – King Of Wands – You Can Take On More Than You Think

Even though you may still have issues related to your home, you will find that handling the situation will be much easier. At the end of the week, you will have the energy and motivation to deal with the issues at home and not let them affect your productivity. 

Gemini – Page Of Swords – Money-Making Ideas Coming

Perhaps you are considering starting a side business related to your hobby. Maybe you develop a hobby this week and end up thinking about starting a side business related to it because you see the potential for it to work for you and generate income. 

Cancer – Four Of Swords – Rest To Boost Energy

As you will find that you lack the energy to handle your job and family responsibilities and your physical activity this week, you should prioritize your physical activity this week. The ideal thing to boost your energy level is to increase your physical activity, such as taking a morning walk before work. 

Leo – Three Of Cups – Make Time For Friends

Perhaps you should consider ensuring that you spend some time with your partner or close friends if they feel you don’t spend enough time with them due to your focus on your work. But, of course, this will require you to adjust your schedule to make that possible. 

Virgo – Chariot – Take Care Of Pressing Issues Right Away

Energy is heavy this week around reviewing your taxes and debts. You may wish to consolidate debts if you have other obligations as well. There is still time until tax time, but it will come fast. It is your nature to be thorough, so you don’t waste that time. You want to make sure you deal with this right away. 

Libra – Eight Of Pentacles – Expand Your Knowledge

Your knowledge needs to be expanded now. Your field is familiar to you, but you feel the need to develop it, so taking a course or two on the side is a good idea. Thus, this is an ideal time for students to find new courses. 

Scorpio – King Of Swords – Explore Leadership Styles

What is your leadership style? Consider taking a close look at this and advancing in it as well. This is something any employee, manager, business owner, or CEO can benefit from. Now is an excellent time to evaluate your leadership skills and see what needs improvement. 

Sagittarius – Six Of Pentacles – Give Your Time To Help Others

Making time to volunteer or donate to a cause that is important to you can shift perspective if you find yourself focused on your struggles, whether they are working- or personal-related. Everyone has struggles, and yours are no different. 

Capricorn – Moon – Shadow Work Continues

The Moon comes up again. With the Sun trine your ruler and heavy energies in the Twelfth House, this is a good week for shadow work. Although shadow work is never easy, it is necessary. This is especially true if you feel it’s affecting your productivity, whether personal or professional. 

Aquarius – Strength – Improve Health

As the Sun is currently in your sign, you may wonder how to become a more rounded individual. Self-reflection is beneficial because it will ultimately help you reach the goals you set for yourself. If you are not in the best shape in those areas, you may also consider getting fit and healthy. 

Pisces – Four Of Pentacles – Budget Your Money Better

Budgeting and money have been tricky over the past few months. You should set some budgeting goals this week and make them realistic. It may mean adjusting your lifestyle a bit. For example, you might eat more at home and dine out less to save money. You might want to review your budget this week. 

Next week, some essential transits happen, such as Mercury heading into its exalted sign, Aquarius, and the Sun moving into Pisces. Therefore, the spotlight shifts over to Pisces!


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