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Tuesday marks the beginning of the astrological week. On March 1, the Sun in Pisces makes a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This is an excellent day to stimulate your creative juices, and if you want to create something brand new, this is the perfect day. Nevertheless, you can also be somewhat impulsive, so don’t act before you think. 

Afterward, on Wednesday the 2nd, there will be a Pisces New Moon, which means you can set intentions to manifest things you want, such as new clients. Again, this is an opportunity to use your imagination. You will also feel more generous at this time. Nevertheless, don’t forget to set some boundaries, or you will regret saying “yes” to a favor you don’t want to do. 

Mercury makes a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius on the same day, which is a great day to set goals for self-improvement because you can do that during New Moon to manifest what you want. Nevertheless, don’t think you’re better than others because you believe you are more innovative. With this placement, you may be judgmental. 

Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday, March 3. Today is an excellent day to purge anything that no longer serves you. You will also have the determination to succeed. Venus’ influence can cause obsessive thoughts, jealousy, and competition when it comes to your relationships. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about others. 

A conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter occurs on Saturday, March 5. If you want to grow your business, you will feel more confident and venture out of your comfort zone more quickly. However, do not spend too much time in the spotlight, as this will not last, and you will lose your desire to leave your comfort zone. 

Mars and Venus both enter Aquarius on the same day. Mars in your sign will inspire you to make some bold and unusual moves to achieve your goals. However, be careful not to act without thinking, or your efforts will backfire. 

Next month, Venus in Aquarius will help you make some new friends or connections in your professional life. On the other hand, you may feel distant from others as well. So take the time to get to know them. 

Additionally, on Sunday the 6th, Mars and Venus will be in conjunction, which makes it a good time for your projects or new tasks to be creative and innovative. However, if you find yourself competitive toward others, you’ll want to be careful. 

Let’s see how the rest of the signs do this week and know what tarot cards match them.

Aries – Eight Of Pentacles

Your skills and how you can improve them will be of great importance to you. To earn more money, you do not need to become better at what you do. Your goal is to become the best in your field!

Taurus – Three Of Wands

Networking and brainstorming with others on new projects is ideal, but joint ventures don’t have to be the result. Even if you don’t know about good professional practices, you may get some ideas from others for your line of work. 

Gemini – Moon

This week and for the next several weeks, your energies are centered in the Fourth House, which means anything related to your home and childhood could come up for you. You want to make your time at home productive while you’re off work, either working from home or your office away home. You can meditate, do shadow work, or anything else that will help you clear your mind so you can reach your goals. 

Cancer – Ace Of Cups Reversed

This week, you could experience some blockages when it comes to your creative side. For example, you might find it hard to develop blog post topics or marketing ideas. In general, the best thing to do is let some ideas that don’t inspire you rest for a while, and hopefully, some of them will spark your creativity. 

Leo – Page Of Pentacles

This is the week to pay a lot of attention to your health. Sometimes you may experience brain fog because you are not sleeping or eating well during some parts of the day. So take this opportunity to evaluate your diet and lifestyle and look for areas to improve your productivity, both in your personal and professional life. 

Virgo – Five Of Swords Reversed

If you don’t like a colleague, you know to work with them and be civil. Personal friendships, however, can end if you find them draining or one-sided. That’s what this week is all about. Protect your energy at all costs. 

Libra – Four Of Cups

There may be times when you feel bored in some aspects of your life, and it may have to do with your work. But you won’t be focusing on your boredom. In this course, you’ll be heavily focusing on your passions and what excites you. There will be ways to bring that into your professional life as well. It doesn’t mean you will change your line of work, but you will want to find ways to make it more interesting. 

Scorpio – Temperance

Perhaps you will take yoga and meditation classes with friends or other people and focus heavily on your spiritual side. Then, you can discuss spirituality with your colleagues and friends, which can help you develop a new perspective beneficial to your professional and personal life. 

Sagittarius – Emperor

Along with showing leadership to others, you may have to give public speeches, whether in a zoom meeting or person. So it appears you will be showing leadership abilities, conducting meetings, and possibly giving speeches this week, which you will have an easier time doing, especially toward the end of the week. 

Capricorn – Hermit

You will be in a great position to purge anything that no longer serves you, so you should clean out and reorganize your office desk. However, this week you may also have plenty of doubts about yourself, which can cause you to struggle when trying to manifest your wishes and dreams. You need to figure out precisely what is causing this self-doubt, so you don’t let it get in the way of manifesting. 

Aquarius – Six Of Cups

It is vital energy for you to have someone from your past come into your life to help you achieve something important to you for some time. This person may be an old client or colleague, or even a high school friend who connects with you on LinkedIn, and they may be able to help you in your endeavors. 

Pisces – Queen Of Pentacles

You feel pretty confident as you are attracting things you want, such as business or even money from other ways. However, there is a lot of energy in your sign, including the New Moon. The upbeat energy can cause you to overextend yourself and be very careful not to offer favors to those who will take advantage of your kindness. Also, don’t say “yes” each time someone asks you to do them a favor. 

Stay tuned for the March energies next week.


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