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You have a crazy week because, on the 17th, you have Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus. That can imply more economic difficulties, and other companies can be in distress. Looking for creative methods to make money may be essential if you happen to have a brick and mortar company that has deteriorated during the epidemic. That can be a sign that even after the epidemic stops, you will need to create adjustments to remain afloat and thrive down the road. Realize that there are currently plenty of growing pains to confront, and this transit is a brutal reminder. 

You have the Sun entering Pisces on the 18th, and Happy Birthday, Pisces. You will find yourself in a more compassionate situation and empathize with others you know having a hard time. In addition to that, you’ll see there are countries with vaccine plants that will soften a bit about vaccine nationalism, which has been a looming concern. Here is what does not imply they will let go of a ‘me first’ way of thinking entirely, but they will loosen up because they realize that they have to support other nations beat the epidemic to combat it worldwide accordingly. 

Be careful because your mood on the 19th can swing to explosive anger as Mars in Taurus will square Venus in Aquarius. Nonetheless, the good news is that on the 20th, Mercury goes back direct! Yay! You can start to gradually execute the ideas you have wished to create during the retrograde. Let’s analyze how you do this week based on your sign. 

Aries – Beware of how potent energies will affect you this week. You will have the motivation to examine your investments. You will need to talk to your financial planner about creating some modifications to your investment portfolio. Do that after Mercury goes direct because you will recognize where changes need to come. You will also have pent up energy, and doing some kickboxing or cardio is the path to unload it. The tarot card that comes up for you this week is Temperance, which means to remain patient and do everything in moderation. 

Taurus – You will discover that you will end up having some kind of aha moment that can involve either your work or personal life. The gist of it is that you will need somebody’s assistance, whether it is a teammate or a trainer, to work with what you found during your breakthrough. The tarot card for you this week is the Ace of Swords, which represents a moment of clarity and breakthroughs, which supports your prediction for this week. 

Gemini – You will need to be careful not to be hard on yourself as you will have the urge to reevaluate your priorities. You may feel the need to condemn yourself for making mistakes in the past. You would have misplaced your priorities. However,  remember, everyone makes mistakes and learns in life, so you are no different from the rest. The tarot card that comes to you for this week is the Queen of Cups in reverse, which represents self-care. Instead of worrying about others, you need to make yourself a priority. 

Cancer – Getting out of your comfort zone is something you will have the urge to do. Yes, that means you will do something out of character that can involve riskier investments or gambling. You may even play around with the concept of going on a game show. Maybe! The tarot card that comes up for you is the Devil. Firstly, be careful not to become obsessed with these ideas of trying something risky, as it can turn into an addiction otherwise, 

Leo – You will feel more edgy than usual. That is because you will be willing to do uncomfortable shadow work as old memories that you have been trying to retain shoved away are emerging. This will happen when Pisces season advances even more, and it is a great time to book an appointment with a therapist. The tarot card for you this week is the Moon in reverse, and you will end up uncovering some of your mysteries through shadow work and uncovering the lies that you have told yourself for some time. 

Virgo – Your revenue can increase, which implies this is a good week to learn on your network to obtain some help and guidance. Possibly looking for another more excellent paying position is a consideration. And perhaps if you own a company, don’t be afraid to start increasing your rates. The tarot card that comes up for you this week is the Queen of Wands, which is the self-confidence card. Go after what you want without second-guessing yourself. 

Libra – You will need to become painfully candid with yourself no matter how difficult it is these days. If you passed down some great possibilities that could have helped you grow financially and spiritually, find out why. Why are you self-sabotaging? Now is a great time to talk to a therapist. The tarot card that comes up for you this week is the High Priestess, and that represents that you can intuitively uncover anything that you hide and get to know your mysterious side. You will discover those demons that are making you self-sabotage. It won’t be easy work, but it will give you clarity. 

Scorpio – You will have to accept your flaws and imperfections at one time, and now is the best time to do that. You will want to take a new selfie and put it up on your social media platforms. You will be amazed by how many new connections you will attract. The tarot card that comes up for you this week is Strength, which shows that you can work through anything because you have an inner strength that you did not know you had. And you will use it to work through your flaws and imperfections. 

Sagittarius – You will have many confusing moments this week, which means you need to take the time to think things through. Think about your short-term and long-term goals and anything else you wish to accomplish, and create an action plan to support that. The tarot card that comes up for you this week is the Chariot, as you will keep pushing through no matter what emotionally holds you back. You are a Sagittarius, so you can face any obstacle and get past them. 

Capricorn – Prepare yourself for a chaotic week as you will likely be facing demanding issues at work while tending to a sick child or spouse. Maybe an appliance will break down while you have to deal with an angry colleague. Your challenge for this week is to find and use your inner zen. The card for you this week is the Four of Pentacles. That may be about being cheap or, at best, frugal. However, you have to be frugal when it comes to your physical and emotional energy. Otherwise, you will burn out if you are not. 

Aquarius – You may come across something to suggest that your reputation is not as clean as it appears. If you speak the truth, then don’t change. It just means you will filter out those who are not ready to hear it, while others who are open to what you have to say will draw to you more. If you did not say anything to anyone recently that could have ruffled their feathers, you would want to do a Google search to ensure no one is putting out libelous content. The tarot card for you this week is the Seven of Swords, which is the sneaky card. However, what you need to do is look out for yourself, and means you may have to be sneaky about it. For instance, if you have to do a detective search on someone who is attempting to ruin your name, you must. 

Pisces – You will want to withdraw because of the hectic energies early in the week affecting you that way.  Since your birthday season is here, do some self-care rituals. You need to provide yourself some TLC to work with a clear mind and maintain your tension levels low. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Four of Swords. That means you need to rest!

Now you are into the second half of February, and so far, this year has been wild. However, things are beginning to look better, and there is a light at the end. 

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