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Mercury returns to Aquarius on Monday, February 14th. Strangely, Mercury reenters Aquarius on Valentine’s Day because Aquarius is a very detached sign. It is, therefore, a nonromantic transit. It would be best if you didn’t have romantic conversations with partners on this day, but you can talk about anything you can see objectively. Meetings on a day like today are ideal for discussing topics that can be viewed separately, such as evaluating employees or independent contractors. 

A meeting of this type should be scheduled before Wednesday, February 16th, since Venus will be conjunct Mars in Capricorn. You may become passionate about what interests you and become defensive when someone criticizes your handling of certain situations. Taking time to focus on your passions is an excellent way to boost your creativity on that day. 

Jupiter in Pisces will form a sextile with Uranus in Taurus on Thursday, February 17th, as well. On this day, you may find that trying out unusual and different approaches to marketing and expressing your creative side differently can prove beneficial. 

Over the next four weeks, the Sun will enter Pisces on Friday, February 18th (Happy Birthday, Pisces), which will enhance creativity and empathy. In this case, it is an excellent time to let your intuition be strong and put your creative side to work. So let’s explore the signs this week and do a tarot pull.  

Aries – Queen Of Swords Reversed

You may be surprised by your modes of communication this week, as you might send an email you usually wouldn’t send or say something you wouldn’t normally say. If you interact with your competitors, be careful with your words as you may say things you will regret in the future. 

Taurus – The Moon

The memories of your childhood and some of the traumas associated with it will be on your mind a lot. So in this week, you should do some shadow work to ensure that you do not allow your discoveries or ah-ha moments about your childhood to interfere with your productivity. 

Gemini – Ace Of Swords

You are likely to develop innovative ways to start a successful business that would appeal to many customers or clients if you decide to go for a side hustle generated from a hobby. Therefore, if you’d like to start planning for it this week, it’s a good time. 

Cancer – Five Of Pentacles

Currently, the Moon is in your sign and your Sixth House, which means you may experience digestive problems. If that is the case, it may be affecting your work performance and other areas of your life. Take probiotics which will help you balance out your system. Drinking more water is the best thing you can do. 

Leo – Three Of Wands

Working with others is your goal this week as you will perform better if you work together, as working independently is not ideal for you. It may be helpful to participate in groups and forums if you work independently, such as as a freelancer, so you can gain some insight that you will need for your work this week. 

Virgo – Four Of Pentacles

Debts and taxes are still powerful energies for you, but as your ruler moves into Aquarius, there are some innovations in that area. A financial advisor may also be able to suggest ways for you to make the most of your current investments. You may also wish to establish a savings account to pay off any outstanding debt. 

Libra – Page Of Swords

You wanted to expand your knowledge last week. So take action this week and take a course to do so. It won’t take long, and you will quickly learn new things. The reason is that your ruler conjuncts Mars. It may be something you need for your line of work, or you may discover it for personal reasons, but either way, you are compelled to learn this. 

Scorpio – Nine Of Wands

It would be best to brush up on your leadership skills right now since you’ll also have to organize group projects meetings and coordinate other things. There will be a lot of pressure on you to do so, so you want to make sure you’re prepared. 

Sagittarius – Magician

This is an excellent week to manifest your dreams and wishes. This is due to the position of your ruler, and setting intentions to make a dream a reality is something you should do right now since the energy is intense. 

Capricorn – Hermit

It is essential to take some time out and meditate to help get rid of bad habits this week as the energies in the Twelfth House are still strong. Since you have been doing shadow work, you will need to learn how to meditate to clear your mind and break bad habits, which will lead to an increase in productivity. 

Aquarius- High Priestess

In addition to improved reasoning, Mercury will also strengthen your intuition as it enters your sign. It will also allow you to represent yourself in the past better. Because of this, whenever you have to conduct a meeting or attend one, you will intuitively know how to show yourself or express yourself in such a way that makes others highly receptive to what you say. 

Pisces – Queen Of Wands

Happy birthday Pisces! Have a wonderful birthday week. It’s your time to shine! For now, however, you need to look within and judge how much value you have to offer. There are times when you question your worth, but you are full of it all the time. You can boost your confidence by thinking about the many ways you have contributed. 

For the next few weeks, Pisces will be the center of attention so that the spotlight will be on you!

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