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This week, there are a few influential planetary aspects. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th, so you’ll be looking for adventure, truth, and action for the next while. Now is the right time to start taking action on what you want to accomplish. You may, however, end up creating something too quickly without thinking it through. Wait until the project is finished before taking action. 

Mercury enters Capricorn that day, which means your free-thinking ways when it was in Sagittarius will come to an end. This is an excellent time to plan for your business goals, image, and reputation for the upcoming year. First, however, don’t forget to have fun. It is the heart of the holiday season when everyone is in a festive mood. 

Lastly, on December 18th is the Gemini Full Moon, making this a great time to make minor changes and perhaps even take a short trip. Go skiing if you like. In addition to communication, you will want to finish some projects and not start any new ones. 

You may find that your close relationships are tested for the next 40 days if Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th. You might also be in contact with old friends, colleagues, or even exes. You will need to set clear boundaries during this time because others will be more likely to take advantage of you. 

The good news is the Sun in Sagittarius makes a sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius, meaning whatever discomfort you feel from Venus going into retrograde, you will find optimism and hope. So your energy may bring you some good news, but don’t act too rashly because you’re feeling overly optimistic. 

In addition, Chiron in Aries goes direct on the same day after being retrograde since July. By now, you will find the source of your pain and do some shadow work more efficiently. This will also help you succeed this year. We’ll see how the signs do this week. 

Aries – You may be overly critical of yourself and others because you are unhappy with how certain things turned out this year. You are blaming yourself, and you may find fault in those who worked with you, but at the same time, you realize you can’t do anything about it. So you will instead want to put it out of your mind and enjoy some fun social gatherings. The Four of Wands points to you focusing on social gatherings and any milestones you had met this year. 

Taurus – This week won’t bring too many changes to your professional life. It will have more of an impact on your personal life. When you have a partner or a best friend, you will notice unexplainable changes. Since you dislike change, you may find yourself panicking because of these changes – but they are all good. If you don’t take time to calm yourself, your professional life may suffer. The Wheel of Fortune comes up, which means that these changes will be inevitable, and things are also evolving in your life in different ways. 

Gemini – There is a strong possibility that you will make an exciting connection either at a networking event or when someone finds you on LinkedIn. The link you make may or may not lead to anything exceptional, but what you will find is that you will learn so much about a subject that interests you because of this connection. Since you like intellectual stimulation, this will appeal to you. The Two of Cups tarot card shows that you will find a partner. It usually signifies a love interest, but you have the potential to see some partner or a new friend. 

Cancer – Once and for all, you feel validated this week so that you will be in a better mood. You feel respected. It may be as simple as someone complimenting you on how hard you work. Venus is also in retrograde, so you may find yourself working with an old client again in the new year. The Six of Wands comes up, which means you feel victorious, and being validated will make you feel that way because you made it clear you would not stand for anything else. 

Leo – Since you leave your pen out on the desk all of the time, you will put it away and be happy about it. You will appreciate your accomplishments, no matter how small they are. However, you will begin taking things more seriously this week and feel much better about it. The Nine of Pentacles comes up, which means you will appreciate any rewards you get. 

Virgo – Your priority is to make time for family and work, so you only focus on work and neglect your family. Perhaps you have failed them in the past. Despite your busy week at work, you are aware that you must make time for your family, so you don’t neglect them again. The Ten of Cups comes up, which means your focus this week should be your family. 

Libra – You have a high chance of finding success with something. Either you will be promoted for the upcoming year, or you will have a successful blog nominated as one of the best in your niche. In addition, you will be rewarded for your hard work! Finally, the Ace of Wands comes up, which means you will find the inspiration to do something that will bring you success. 

Scorpio – It is an excellent time to express your gratitude to those who have helped you and who had stood by you when things got tough. It can be a colleague who has helped you through a tough time, or a friend, or a family member. You can even take them out for a meal to show them how grateful you are. That will also be rewarding for you. The Sun comes up, which shows that it is an important week to focus on the positive. 

Sagittarius – A new opportunity may present itself to you this week! You will want to take this one, but you may hesitate first. There is no need to rush into it; you can evaluate it and determine if it will divert you too much from your primary task. Perhaps it will be something better, but the energies are in your favor to take it. The Ace of Swords comes up, which means you will gain some clarity. 

Capricorn – Even though the holiday season is upon us, you may need to do some extra work this week. There may be a business proposal by the end of the week. Do not neglect your family because you are so busy working. The Eight of Pentacles comes up, which means you will heavily focus on your work and finishing projects that need finishing. 

Aquarius – A friend, a colleague, or a family member may tell you about something you did that upset them without your knowledge at the time. Instead of getting defensive, which you are prone to do, find out what you can learn from it. You can improve yourself. The Five of Swords comes up, which means that you will have the temptation to get into an argument, but that will not help you. Think about what you can lose if you do. 

Pisces – There will be someone close to you who will be envious of your success this year, whether it was through business success or lifestyle changes. As they begin to treat you in a not very nice way, you will be able to see their true colors. However, you will also have to decide how you will handle that individual, which can make things awkward for the holidays, and you may choose not to have too much to do with them in the new year. In addition, the Seven of Swords comes up, which means that a hidden enemy is sneaking behind your back. Be careful. 

There are only a few weeks left this year, and the Christmas preparations will begin next week. So let’s see how the stars affect your holidays, and you will find out next week.

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