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Venus enters Leo on Thursday, Aug 11th. It is where you will find pride and show off your accomplishments, but be careful not to brag too much. That will only turn other people off. 

A square between the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Taurus occurs on the same day. Unexpected changes may knock you off your feet. On this day, take things slowly and tread carefully. It could be an unexpected situation at work or home. Also, on that day, Mars in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Taking your spiritual beliefs into your professional and personal life is a great way to find some meaning in your work today. Be careful not to overspend or overeat in excess. 

Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday, August 14th. Your inner strength will be revealed when this confident aspect surrounds you. There are a few days left of this energy so you can take advantage of it at work. Don’t be controlling or intimidating. Saturn in Aquarius opposes the Sun in Leo on the same day. Many obstacles prevent us from overcoming our deep insecurity on this day. Life isn’t personal today; don’t take it so seriously. This week, let’s see how the signs do and what tarot card comes up for each one.  

Aries – Hermit

This week you will be very contemplative, as you won’t necessarily be questioning whether you should be doing your work. Instead, your career role and your purpose will be on your mind. This means you should expect some deep thoughts, which may lead you to appreciate different things more in the end. 

Taurus – Tower

There may be a situation where a colleague quits, and more work falls on you – or it may have to do with your home. Unfortunately, you do not like sudden changes, but you have to endure them this week because it could be a situation where a colleague quits, and more work falls on you. You will have no choice but to stay disciplined to get through these sudden changes, no matter how much you dislike them. 

Gemini – Six Of Pentacles

You may be in a position to help someone get through difficult times, whether as simple as taking over their tasks while dealing with their issues or helping a neighbor deal with a challenge. There will be a need for you this week, however. 

Cancer – Seven Of Swords

You may discover that a hidden competitor is using your tactics, or you may find that a disgruntled coworker is attempting to sabotage you at work if you are not a business owner. Someone is doing something at your expense, and it will be distressing for you to learn this. 

If you discover them overstepping your boundaries, you want to confront them without making them defensive, but let them know you are watching them.

Leo – King Of Wands

It will be vital for you to avoid showing off your accomplishments too much now that Venus is in your sign. Despite being in the spotlight, you still have the chance to express yourself. Being humble and encouraging to others and inspiring is the best way to show off your accomplishments. Also, make a good first impression since others are watching. 

Virgo – Five Of Pentacles

There is a good chance you will encounter an unexpected expense this week, which is why you should balance your budget well. In addition, you might want to look into your savings and ways to make your money grow. This won’t help you with the expense this week, but it will open your eyes. 

Libra – Page Of Swords

It’s a beautiful week to blog, but also show off your writing, as you’ll want to talk about helpful topics for your followers and make sure to share your report across various platforms. You will not only impress your audience with your writing, but they will also appreciate all the help you provide. 

Scorpio – Two Of Pentacles

Aside from your professional work, you may have a lot to do at home. For example, there may be an issue in your home that needs fixing, or you may feel the need to organize a room and donate or junk some items. There is powerful energy around you when you are working at home. 

Sagittarius – Three Of Cups

Your social life is going to be very active this week. After enjoying happy hour or dinner with colleagues or friends, you will feel more energized and refreshed. You will be more productive as a result. 

Capricorn – Temperance

This week, you might want to try tai chi exercises. Stress has caused you to suffer from tension headaches and pain. Strengthening your entire body through Tai Chi will allow you to withstand more. 

Aquarius – Five Of Wands

During this week, you may collaborate more with others, as energies surrounding you promote collaboration. However, because your ruler is in a tense aspect that can cause clashes with others, you may find yourself getting upset over trivial situations, creating tension with your colleagues. Don’t turn molehills into mountains. 

Pisces – Four Of Cups

You are spiritual and creative by nature, but this is a week when you will want to tap into your spiritual side to find meaning for your work role and your life purpose. Having that in mind can help you deal with tense situations that may arise this week. 

It can be chaotic next week when Mars enters Gemini, but if you can control your role, you can make it work.


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