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The Scorpio Full Moon begins the week where you can discover your enthusiastic side to life. You will find during this Full Moon what intrigues you. You will also find out what you feel passionate about, making you doubt your aims and choices. The Full Moon will disclose to you how to manage yourself when it gets into a business, career, or life circumstances where you misplaced your desire. 

Then on the 27th,  Pluto is entering retrograde in Capricorn. It will stay that way until October 6th. That indicates you have the chance over the next four months to make some internal changes before you are obliged to do that when it goes direct in October. What patterns can you transform? You can understand what beliefs you need to change. You will also find out which patterns are affecting your professional and personal life.  If you can address that Pluto is in retrograde during the time, you will be in a better place in October when it goes direct. That is because it will have less of an influence over you, and Pluto does not hide. 

Then on April 30th, two other transits are occurring concerning Mercury and Neptune. Mercury in Taurus creates a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, stimulating your creative side and intuition. The Sun also conjuncts Uranus on that day, allowing you to demonstrate your originality. You have a great day to show off your creativity. Let’s see how your sign does this week. 

Aries – You will discover the ability to close off debt or find closure from something in the past that has been troubling you because of the Full Moon. The one thought you would have the kind of legacy you will wish to leave as Pluto goes into retrograde. And with the imaginative energies towards the end of the week, you will have some ideas to help you obtain it. The tarot card that comes up is the Five of Pentacles reversed, which is indicative that it is the best time to pay off debts. 

Taurus – You will undergo some intense feelings sparked by the Full Moon, which will lead to you having an ah-ha moment. You dislike change, but something inside you will give you the desire to change something substantial, affecting your life. You won’t necessarily realize what that will be immediate. Though, you will see how it plays out over time. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Ace of Swords, representing you have a breakthrough. 

Gemini – You will want to eliminate a terrible habit that has been bothering you for some time, thanks to the heavy Scorpionic influences. Debt and tax issues will heighten, motivating you to make some positive alterations to your habits. The tarot card that shows up is the Devil reversed, representing breaking free from anything that held you back. 

Cancer – Your artistic power is on a high this week based on the transits happening, and you will want to utilize them. Perhaps you will have the desire to redecorate your house or do a website makeover. Regardless, go and make the finest use of that this week however you choose to use it. The tarot card coming up for you is the Ace of Wands, which represents heavy creative energies and enthusiasm. 

Leo – The focus of this week includes your home and family, which means several things. If you are a parent, you may recognize that there are aspects in your parenting that need betterment so you can become a better role model for your kids. If you don’t have children or are not married, you will change your energies and make personal improvements to be a better role model for those around you, whether in your friendship circle or professional life. The tarot card coming up is the Empress, which means you have a lot of love to give, and you can be a great nurturer. 

Virgo – You will have the knowledge you need that surrounds a discussion you have had for several weeks, all because of the Full Moon. Maybe you will learn the truth, or you will be able to solve a dilemma. Regardless, with some clarification coming to you this week, you will know how to work with it in the future. The Page of Swords comes up for you this week which means you will receive helpful messages that will cause you to do some heavy thinking. 

Libra – Problems regarding security and limits will come up. Perhaps you will realize that this week’s lesson that you had fallen for a scam without even knowing. The matter may be too late, although the lesson is that you need to firm up your boundaries. Maybe your antivirus, for instance, is not overly effective, so you will want to shop around for new ones. Pay attention to red flags that will emerge in future scams. The tarot card that comes up is the Moon which is a reminder that whatever may be good to be true usually is too good to be true. Be careful with what and who you trust. 

Scorpio – You will be heavily influenced by the energies this week as you will learn more about who you are. You will discover things that you didn’t know before or you didn’t think too much about previously. A hidden area of your life or yourself will come up, and that will trigger intense emotions. You will doubt you made choices with your love and work life. However, please don’t do anything with it yet as you need the time to sit with it and figure it out in the future. The Hermit comes up for you this week which is the card that tells you that you must take time to yourself to do some inner-reflection. 

Sagittarius – The desire to start removing old habits based on the energies this week will be there. Furthermore, if you are in your career for the incorrect reason, that will slap you in the face. If you make a lot of money for the sake of an ego boost, you will learn that fast. The urge to keep up with it will dwindle because you will begin to learn what your authentic self expects. Your genuine self wants different things from what your ego wants, and that will cause you to become torn. The Judgment tarot card comes up, which indicates you will have some awakening. 

Capricorn – Your feelings will be strong, and you will need to be alone to make sense of your thoughts and feelings. You may want to keep yourself separated from others without completely isolating yourself. By the end of the week, the creative energy can favorably influence you, giving you some thoughts on how to proceed with anything you are currently working on, which you will find helpful. The Four of Cups comes up for you, which means you will be doing a lot of contemplating, and you may be moody. Meditation is helpful for you. 

Aquarius – The intense Plutonian and Scorpionic energies will cause you to have intense dreams. Even though you have done a lot of inner work over the last several months, these dreams indicate that you will do more inner work. You naturally have a hard time handling strong emotions, but you will discover a way not to let them affect your efficiency and other areas of your life. The tarot card that comes up is Strength which means you will need to rely on your inner strength to deal with these emotions and do the inner work needed. 

Pisces – You will have a considerable change in viewpoint this week to the point where you cannot return. Some vital information will come up, which will have a strong effect on your professional or personal life or both. You will make some uneasy realizations like the other signs indicating that you may be doing things for the incorrect reasons. The King of Cups comes up for you, which means you will have the challenge to separate your emotions from what you discover and calmly handle your emotions. 

You notice that lots of strong energies are occurring this week that will entail changes in viewpoints. Nevertheless, you are influenced by them, don’t fight it. These forces are keeping you on the right path for you.  


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