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Mercury and the Sun move into Taurus as it is formally Taurus season (Happy Birthday, Taurus). You will look at matters through a pragmatic lens, and whatever choices you make will take some time. Taurus is an earth sign, and it is a slow-moving sign because of its fixed nature. Thus, you will not leap into any decision. Be cautious about not being too headstrong as you will be more set in your methods during this time. 

On April 23rd, Mars reaches Cancer, and you will be highly protective and ferocious over your home and family more than you usually would. This week is more stable than the prior ones due to the Taurean energy, and let’s see how you do this week based on your sign. 

Aries – The instinct to manage yourself will be there. You will need to handle your home, your budget, and anything else. You will decide if you are going over your budget and will have the urge to cut down on expenditures that you no longer require. You will be busy planning this week, and no one will prevent you from doing this. The tarot card for this week is the Two of Pentacles, which means you need to juggle your responsibilities effectively. That is the focus. 

Taurus – Happy Birthday Taurus, it is your season. You may have been going through the movements based on hunches lately. The stuff that you have seen that would occur is starting to come true. For example, if you have been sensing that you may be overspending, you will discover evidence this week that you are. That indicates if you have been working on manifesting something you want, you will see it occurring this week. The tarot card for you this week is the Ace of Pentacles which means you have the potential to manifest something great this week!

Gemini – The personal sector of your chart lights up, which indicates it is the ideal time to do a lot of inner work. You into your spiritual side and may even go to therapy. If you find that you are fighting with particular blockages, this is a good week to learn about why and how to handle them. You will also find meditation to be beneficial. The Hermit comes up for you this week which means you need to step back and do inner reflection. 

Cancer – Your social life is the focus for this week, and that indicates you need to have some zoom happy hour fun each day. Thus, you can balance your life if your primary focus has been work and family. Since Mars reaches your sign, you will have more energy. You may even spend a day tidying your home! The Four of Wands comes up, which means to celebrate some milestones this week. 

Leo – If you are contemplating embarking on a new artistic journey, then go for it. Perhaps you will develop a novel digital product to distribute on Amazon, write a new book, or begin a new profile. You may not be sleeping adequately and experience nervousness, and it is crucial to get as much sleep. Keep a new set sleep routine which will be beneficial. The Moon reversed comes up, so look for signs that could contribute to insomnia as you may need to cut back on caffeine or make some lifestyle changes. 

Virgo – You are not usually the one to go on an adventure. Nevertheless, this week you will wish for some novelty in your life.  The compulsion to do some networking is there. Perhaps you will connect with specific prospective individuals to support you in your professional life. Namely, you will want to polish your LinkedIn account that you have not wished to shift for years so you can become open to networking. The Eight of Wands comes up for you this week, meaning that you could come in contact with someone helpful to you fast, which can significantly help an area of your life. 

Libra – You are going to be focused on your assets this week. Therefore, go and investigate your investments, debts, and other savings to determine what loans you can pay off.  Do you need to move your funds into various investments? Because if so, you will need to contact a financial advisor to help you. Nevertheless, by the end of the week, you may get some promotion or obtain a new customer if you are a business owner, and that is the news you want to hear. The Four of Pentacles comes up, which is a sign to monitor your spending habits. 

Scorpio – If you have a blog, then you are in luck, or you will want to create one. Here is the week to publish a new piece of writing. Write about something you have not written before and even post something on the controversial side to see what others have to say about your work. You will gain new perspectives as that is something to do this week so you can understand how someone else may view things despite how you do. The Page of Swords comes up, which means you will want to communicate anything important and get some messages out there. 

Sagittarius – Your focus this week is to get yourself coordinated like Aries. Create a to-do list, and establish a budget and go and reflect on what you do daily. You will discover what you need to change. You may have a much easier time allowing emotional baggage to go by the end of the week. You can additionally handle bills and taxes, and you will discover yourself being productive. The Eight of Cups comes up, which means as hard as it is to do, walk away from something that no longer fulfills you, which will help you focus on the things you must focus on during the week. 

Capricorn – Creativity is not your forte; however, you will see that being so this week. Possibly you will take up writing or painting or some other creative pursuit. Maybe you will be thrilled to see those around you too by the end of the week as they will be exceptionally driven and energetic, and they will come to you because you are inspiring. The Ace of Wands comes up, which signifies any creative pursuit you embark on, you will love. It will ignite passion. 

Aquarius – There will be a feeling of nostalgia because as you will reminisce numerous stuff from your past. Perhaps you will call an old friend, and by the end of the week, you will also have an energetic boost. You may complete some duties you have been procrastinating with for some time, such as cleaning the basement. The Six of Cups comes up, which is the nostalgic card, and it fits for the energies you face this week. 

Pisces – There is likely going to be some good news about money, which can come in multiple ways. If you are a business owner, perhaps you will score a new customer or find that investment is working out nicely. Either way, the news will be great. In addition to that, you will be glad to realize that any creative blocks you have struggled with will occur by the conclusion of the week. The Star comes up, which signifies a reason to be very hopeful about anything on your mind this week. 

Spring has sprung, and the one thing that everybody can do is to start appreciating the pleasant weather provided that the rain keeps off. Enjoy taking walks and hikes, or do some gardening and get outdoors.

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