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On April 4th, a conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Aquarius will create frustrating aspects between you and social plans, so this is not the day to make any plans. However, finishing a project you have put off for a while is a great feeling. An example is cleaning the home or office. Thus, it is excellent for getting things done!

It is an excellent time to make some connections and socialize on Tuesday, April 5th, when Venus enters Pisces. However, be aware not to spend too much money over the next few weeks, as you can easily overspend on frivolous things. 

On Thursday, April 7th, Mercury in Aries forms a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, a transit that can promote excellent judgment and honesty. Therefore, negotiations and contracts can be concluded well on this day. On the other hand, you may not be able to express your creativity in arts-related fields. Therefore, art-related activities are not recommended. 


Mercury in Aries will sextile Mars in Aquarius on Friday, April 8th, which makes it a great day to complete loose ends and start on a new project, as much can be accomplished on this day. But be careful not to come across as too aggressive with your words. 

Mercury in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will make a square on April 10th. You will be in a power struggle. Therefore, it is a good day for rest, and the fact that it is a Saturday works if you don’t work on weekends. After weeks of thinking at a rapid pace, Mercury enters Taurus on the same day, so your thoughts will finally begin to slow down. Your thinking will be much more apparent. It’s going to be an exciting week. 

Aries – Seven of Pentacles

After examining your values last week, you realize that this week you will want to maximize your funds for the sake of security and the ability to enjoy fun things such as extended vacations. We need to make more money, but we also need to increase our savings. Consult with a financial advisor before making any decisions. 

Taurus – Three of Wands

Are you considering joining or attending networking events within your vicinity with your ruler moving into Pisces and heavy energies around your Third House? Though you may have observed one in the past in another area, don’t overlook events in your general vicinity as they might provide business connections. 

Gemini – Hanged Man

You may receive a business proposal from a family member, which may be a side hustle. Before committing to anything, you will consider whether it is a good idea. No matter how good your relationship is with this family member, it would be best if you thought things through before committing. 

Cancer – Ace of Wands

Physical activity is the best way to enhance your productivity during this week’s energies. Could you take an aerobics class? What about running before you go to work? Your mind will be cleared a great deal by some physical activity. 

Leo –  Ace of Pentacles

You’ve been trying to focus on your diet, so this is an excellent week to look into detoxing. Ideally, you will want to discuss it with a professional, but this week’s energies show you that you would reap many benefits from doing so, and as a result, you will feel better and be more productive. 

Virgo – Three of Pentacles

There are still powerful energies for business partnerships, but you will also wish to wrap up old projects and tuck away loose ends this week. Involve others to help you get the job done quickly. It would be best if you wrapped up old things so you can start new things faster, so you will need assistance. 

Libra – Moon

Especially when it comes to your relationship with money, you’ll concentrate on your psyche this week. It’s no secret that you tend to overspend because you think you can. Due to your ruler moving into Pisces and the energy in your Eighth House being heavy, you should consider doing some shadow work regarding money and its relationship. 

Scorpio – Temperance

The energies for you to plan a big business trip are still powerful, but you will also be thinking more spiritually about why certain things happen. If you can find a reason for that, it may be comforting or fascinating. You’ll be more philosophical this week. 

Sagittarius – Emperor

You may not necessarily be the boss for your workers, but you will have to be your boss this week. That means you will have a great deal of responsibility, and you will need to manage it like a pro. Initially, it may seem overwhelming, but as you work it, you will feel proud of your accomplishment. 

Capricorn – Six of Pentacles

You’re likely to do some humanitarian work in this week’s energies, including starting a GoFundMe page for a cause that touches you or volunteering after work. Doing humanitarian work is ideal since your ruler is perfectly aligned with Mercury and the energies are heavy in your Eleventh House. 

Aquarius – High Priestess

If you are on the fence about reincarnation, you will be curious in a spiritual sense about your past life. Nevertheless, you may sense that your work today owes something to skills gained in a previous lifetime. You could also get a past life reading to gain insight this week if you want. 

Pisces – Fool

This is an excellent week to get out of your comfort zone, which means if there is something you have wanted to do, now is the time to do it. You can do that by investing a small amount in something you’ve never done before. It would be good to step out of your comfort zone this week and take more risks. 

Some key transits are occurring next week, including the Libra Full Moon, which is a perfect time to find balance.

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