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As we begin the new week astrologically, Mercury in Taurus joins Jupiter in Pisces on Wednesday. Today is an excellent day for making important decisions. Our gut instincts are more likely to guide us in making a firm decision due to this aspect. This calls for positive thinking.

Venus and Neptune in Pisces conjunct on the same day. It’s a good day to use your creative energies. If you are tempted to overspend on this aspect, be careful not to. 

Thursday, April 28th, Mercury in Taurus squares Pluto in Capricorn. You can visualize what you want to accomplish and have the energy to do so. Don’t get too obsessed with what you want. 

In the next few days, Mercury will enter the zodiac sign of Gemini. Mercury in Gemini enables you to improve your communication skills, making you more effective at work and personal life. 

Multitasking may come more naturally to you with this aspect, but do not take on too much at once. Capricorn is also the sign where Pluto goes retrograde. For the next five months, it’s time to transform any part of your life that needs it. You will be forced to deal with changes when it goes direct in the fall.  

On Saturday, April 30th, there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Solar eclipse energy can throw you off your game, but in this case, it is in Taurus, which makes it more stable. Considering income and productivity now is ideal since you’ll be more determined to achieve your goals. Nevertheless, it would be best to be flexible, as being too stubborn can create more harm than good.  

Venus in Pisces conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces on the same day. Now is a great time to use the Law of Attraction to attract wealth. But, again, this is an aspect where you can waste money, so be careful. 

Then on May 1st,  Venus in Pisces will sextile Pluto in Capricorn. You can enjoy some creative time with your loved ones while putting your responsibilities aside with this activity. It will be regrettable if you don’t spend time with the people you care about. We’ll see how the rest of the signs do this week, and a tarot pull will provide more guidance too.  

Aries – Temperance

While you are prone to angst, this week is an ideal time to start making a habit of slowing down and practicing meditation. Doing so does not necessarily involve closing your eyes for an hour. Since you need to be active, you can take an enjoyable walk or even run as part of your meditation. But, again, having a balanced mindset is paramount. 

Taurus – Nine Of Wands

You are in the spotlight this week because it is your birthday period, but with the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring, you will have to leave your comfort zone, do more problem-solving than you usually do, and be more flexible. As a result, you will feel better too, even though it is hard. 

Gemini – Page Of Swords

This week, your ruler will have easy aspects with powerful planets and enter your sign later in the week. This means that your thinking and communication will be evident. In emails and other forms of communication, you will find it easier to convey your thoughts. 

Cancer – Seven Of Swords Reversed

Cancer, communication may be difficult for you this week as you may be reluctant to communicate your wants and needs. Perhaps you will feel as if you are imposing, which may be due to some suppressed memories of when you felt that way. Therefore, you should not be taking advantage of your colleagues. Journaling can help you convey your thoughts. 

Leo – Ten Of Cups

As you may be needed more by your children or other family members this week, you will focus on your home and family. Taking care of a home repair may require you to take a day off from work. However, your home and family energies are much more vital than your work this week. 

Virgo – Four Of Cups

Virgo, you might feel disgruntled this week because you think you work too much and don’t have enough fun. Some of you may feel you don’t deserve some fun and leisure. However, it’s important to remember that success comes from a life that balances work, play, family, and home life. So make sure you have fun. 

Libra – Queen Of Cups Reversed

Although your ruler is in the Sixth House this week, you should be paying attention to making time for yourself a priority this week regardless of where the energies are this week. Do not overwork yourself, as play is also essential. This is one of the main messages this message is conveying to you. 

Scorpio – Two Of Pentacles

Since this is a time to indulge in your creative side, you are very creative this week. The recommendation for the end of the week is to go on a short vacation with a friend or your significant other to balance your work life with your personal life. 

Sagittarius – Hermit

The week ahead may see you asking deep questions, such as whether or not you choose your career before you are born and searching for occult meanings in your free time. It will be difficult to escape these types of questions. 

Capricorn – Five Of Wands

You’ll feel the need to win everything this week, so keep your ego in check. You may throw someone under the bus by doing so. There will be a tendency to go after your competition, and it is OK to learn from what they are doing, but you may be aggressive in doing so. Consequently, keep your ego in check to avoid facing consequences you don’t want. 

Aquarius – Three Of Wands

With the eclipse this week, you will be more focused on your goals and be confident that you can accomplish them. Those energies are working in your favor regarding that, so you should not let self-doubt get in the way this week. 

Pisces – Six Of Pentacles

This week, consider volunteering instead of working. Volunteering at a nonprofit close to your heart will also give you a strong sense of value. In addition, you can be active on social media to collect donations for the cause that is important to you, even if you are unable to go there due to other obligations physically. 

As we enter May, you will begin to see some changes. Among those changes is Mercury’s return to shadow.


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