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The New Moon in Aries begins the week, where this is the most delicate period of the year to start something new. You know that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which indicates that beginning anything fresh is perfect. Because it is a fire sign, you will start to something new with a lot of fire. Perhaps you have been delaying starting a new project, and you are finally finding the time to begin. Maybe you can start playing around with your wardrobe. 

On April 14th, Venus moves into its home, which is the sensual Taurus. You’ll have the yearning to purchase great things, and you will yearn for peace and fun. Thus, if you want to get a fancy sofa, for example, then this is the perfect moment for that. 

As the week concludes, Mercury moves into Taurus, where you will need to take some extra time to make crucial decisions, and once you know what you need to do, you will not change your mind. Let’s see how your sign does this week.

Aries – You will want to manage your money this week, which means the priority will be to diversify your investment portfolio, establish new budgets, and scale back on expenditures that you no longer necessitate. You will be happy to have this opportunity in the long run. The tarot card for you is Four of Pentacles, which reminds you to live frugally, but be careful not to become cheap. 

Taurus – Old stuff returning is what this week is about, and you will see that. Plenty of things are occurring this week that will bring up numerous memories, and some will be enjoyable, and some will not be at all. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if you urge to call an old friend or write to somebody from the past. The tarot card that comes to you this week is the Six of Cups, and that is a sign that you will reminisce about the old times. Clear your mind as you do that too. 

Gemini – You will need to reflect on your journey and find what is working and what is not functioning. By the end of the week, your subconscious side will intensify your instincts, and you will have a higher awareness of what matters in life are working for you and what is not. The area of your life that is stressing you this heightened awareness will influence you the most. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Ace of Swords which means not to be surprised if you end up having a few ah-ha moments or breakthroughs this week!

Cancer – The probabilities are in your favor that you will achieve some good benefits. However, the thing is, you have to be the one to go after it as it will not come to you otherwise. Do you feel you can score a raise? Can you achieve a new love? Now is the time to level up with boldness. The tarot card that fits you is the Chariot, as that is your card, which means you are unstoppable with what you can achieve this week. 

Leo – Here is a beautiful week to challenge some self-limiting concepts and liberate yourself of them. That indicates you either attempt a new training regimen or work from home and look for another method to make money from home. Did you recently create a course? If so, go and release it, and don’t be afraid of defeat. Put yourself out there to attract new opportunities because the odds of them coming to you are incredible. The tarot card that comes to you is the Ace of Wands, and that shows that something will motivate and inspire you to get working on something!

Virgo –  You have done plenty of searching across your psyche; you may find that you would feel better by learning new abilities and new concepts. Thus, you will notice that you would benefit from signing up for a virtual course that can support you become skilled in a new field. Whether it is a class to help you advance your career or teaches you a new hobby, it will help as trying something new is what you want to do. The card that comes to you this week is Eight of Pentacles, which is the card that represents you learning some new skills. 

Libra – Although you want to take action on matters you desire to do, you will need to hold off for yourself, Libra. This New Moon will trigger you not to acknowledge matters too explicitly. However, focus on planting seeds for something you desire to manifest. The tarot card that comes for you this week is the Hanged Man, as that is the card that tells you to put things on hold until the timing is right to proceed. 

Scorpio – The New Moon is inspiring you to make some changes and modifications to your calendar. Perhaps you will need to change your nightly tv ritual by taking a nightly run which is an example. Then towards the end of the week, you may find possibilities to connect with someone regarding work, or you will find a link to a new possible role which is when matters will become more pleasant. The Temperance is the card for you, and the message is to hang in there as better things will come if you make those adjustments. 

Sagittarius – Here is a beautiful week to increase your creativity. You may want to use this time to invest in a new webcam, selfie stick, or camera so you can take amazing pictures and selfies. The Empress is the card that shows up for you this week which is the sign that you must nurture your creative side. 

Capricorn – The compulsion to make physical modifications to your home office or office elsewhere is strong. You might want to repaint the walls, getting new blinds to cover the windows, and maybe buy a new chair or sofa. The New Moon is influencing you so that you will feel reinvigorated after the change. The Six of Pentacles comes up with a clear indicator if you replace some furniture and give them away to charity. 

Aquarius – You will finally feel strong enough to talk about what is on your mind, and you will be confident to do that. You can have a difficult conversation you have needed to have with a particular individual for a while. The Universe is behind your back so you can achieve the outcome you are hoping to have. After saying what you need to say, you will feel better. The card that comes up for you this week is the Eight of Swords Reversed, which means you found a way out of your limitations. 

Pisces – You will be glad to have budgeted last week because this week is a great time to treat yourself to something. Whether it is a new pair of jeans, sunglasses, takeout, or anything you want, you have earned it. You may even win a small amount of money if you play the lottery, not the jackpot, but some gain may happen – or you may find there is extra cash lying around that you did not know. The card that comes up is the Ace of Pentacles, representing a small amount of extra money for you to enjoy!

Aries season is finishing this week. The following week the emphasis will be on Taurus!

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