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Mercury just entered Taurus, an excellent opportunity to slow down your thoughts and follow your common sense. Then, on Tuesday, April 12th, Jupiter and Neptune will conjoin in Pisces, where the planets feel most comfortable and connected. You will have a very creative day and very peaceful day. Regardless of where Mercury is right now, you should avoid making decisions that require too much thought as they may seem illogical. 

On the same day, though, Saturn in Aquarius makes a sextile to the Sun in Aries. Therefore, it will be a day of humanitarian efforts as you will put a lot of effort into helping others. However, you do not want to exert too much energy since the Sun and Saturn form an aspect at any time. Therefore, it can lower your energy reserves. 

Then on Thursday, April 14th, Mars enters Pisces, which means the motivation to help others will be more vital, and you will spend less time on yourself. In the meantime, don’t forget to also take care of yourself. You may be so occupied helping others that you will forget your own needs and wants. 

On Saturday, April 16th, there will be a Full Moon in Libra, which is the ideal time to work with others, as you will accomplish a lot during this time. The days leading up to the Full Moon are just as important, even if you aren’t working. Creating a better life for everyone is possible when you work together. 

Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Pisces will make a sextile on April 17th. If you think about all the things you like to do, you will have difficulty focusing on work. So it is when you want to balance work and hobbies so you won’t feel resentful while doing any work. 

On the same day, Mercury will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus, which means you’ll be able to think up some unusual and unique creative ideas. You may want to jot them down. Let’s look at how the signs will do and a tarot card pull this week. 

Aries – Ace of Swords

As you think about being promoted to a better position this week, you might consider honing your skills. You may also decide to concentrate your expertise in a specific field area. But you want to improve your skills and knowledge in a particular field.

Taurus – Page of Swords

The week is perfect for writing. You will want to write several blog posts this week to schedule out at a later date if you prefer. It may be time to start a blog if you don’t already have one. This week is all about journaling. So you’ll need to write a lot. 

Gemini – Six of Cups

You will think a lot about your childhood this week, and your memories can be good or bad. If you want to use something from your youth to put into your work, this is an excellent week. In addition, you can use something from your childhood to help inspire someone in your writing or videos. 

Cancer – Empress

Currently, you are all about the family and home, and the energies also point strongly to this area of your life. For example, perhaps you need to make home repairs, or you are thinking of renovating your home. If you have kids, have them help you with more chores around the house so you can focus more on your work instead of housework. 

Leo – Moon

You may have issues with your manager if you are not self-employed this week, and you may lack motivation if you are self-employed. For example, maybe you are thinking a lot about your troublesome past, impeding productivity. As this issue is likely to surface in your professional life throughout the rest of the month, it is best to seek therapy if necessary. 

Virgo – Ace of Wands

There is a lot of creativity happening with you this week, Virgo, because you are not used to having this much creativity. When it comes to other projects, it will be much easier to develop innovative strategies when it comes to creating content this week. 

Libra – Four of Swords

During this week, you will want to take a mental health day. In addition to focusing your energies around the Sixth House, take some time off to focus on your mental health. Your ruler is in Pisces and makes a sextile towards the end of the week. As a result, your productivity will increase, and you will feel more relaxed afterward. 

Scorpio – Knight of Swords

It will come a time when you have to help a colleague, partner, or friend with a problem-solving issue that only you can solve. It will be beneficial to you as well. Arrange a convenient time to assist. 

Sagittarius – Hermit

As colleagues may talk to you about stressors they are facing this week, you will be in a position to encourage them to find their spiritual side. You tell them to take time out of their day to meditate and to stay in the present. This will help someone in need.

Capricorn – Two of Pentacles

There will be pressure on you this week to handle multiple responsibilities at once, but given the nature of your sign, you can take it. Your job may require extra work on juggling different responsibilities at home and your career. Multitasking will be a must this week, but you can handle it. 

Aquarius – Hanged Man

Consider the possibility that you might have a problem with your management this week or an issue with your web hosting provider if you own a business. There is an issue with a supplier or someone when it comes to business. Things should begin to settle soon. 

Pisces – Six of Pentacles

You will need to devote time, energy, and attention to someone during this time. Because of the nature of the sign, that won’t be an issue. However, you must be aware of the amount of help you give others so that it does not interfere with your other responsibilities. 

The Taurus season will begin next week!


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