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There will be some hard aspects this week to prepare for and Pluto going direct in Capricorn was the beginning. Pluto direct forces you to make transformations as you will be forced to face your demons if you buried them during the retrograde that started on April 25th. On the 7th, Mercury in Scorpio forms an opposition to Uranus in Taurus which can cause you to think rebellious ways. This can also cause arguments to happen with those around you if you don’t like how they think and talk. Mercury is also in its shadow because it goes into retrograde next week! You will want to definitely choose your words wisely.

Then on the 9th, retrograding Mars in Aries is squaring Pluto in Capricorn so be careful with the moves you make as major accidents can happen. Keep a careful eye on your social media accounts as well as bank accounts as they can be hacked.

The good news is that however, the week will end with Mercury making a sextile to Venus in Virgo. You will have an opportunity to exchange apologies at that point. Let’s see how the Enneatypes do this week.

Type 1 – The Reformer – Associated with Virgo and Gemini – You will be facing some heavy emotions this week which will also cause you to become nostalgic. Why not go through your old pictures and go through the boxes of your treasured items that you had when you were younger which will bring you back to remembering simple times.

Type 2 – The Helper – Associated with Cancer – You have so much intense creative energy and all you will want to do is throw a party. But you know that you cannot do that as the pandemic continues to rage everywhere. You will have to stick to Zoom parties but you can have a fun Halloween one!
Type 3 – The Achiever – Associated with Leo – Unfortunately, this will be a week that is all about delays and frustration from it from anything you are wanting to attain. The best thing is to remember that this will not last and use the time to relax, learn something new, and get some extra sleep.
Type 4 – The Individualist – Associated With Pisces – You will be feeling more confident and bold, and you won’t hesitate to speak up. Keep going at it as you will feel better after saying a few things that you have been really wanting to say for a long time.
Type 5 – The Observer – Associated with Aquarius – You will be struggling this week with your self-confidence and you will be wondering if you are fit for a job that you are doing. You will suffer from imposter syndrome and it is because you are overthinking too much.
Type 6 – The Loyal Cynic – Associated with Capricorn – Your practical side will slip this week as you will find yourself spending on items that are not necessary for you. You will regret this later on so be mindful the next time you spend on something that you think you want.
Type 7 – The Enthusiast – Associated with Sagittarius – You will come into contact with situations that will force you to explore your emotions. You don’t want to face your emotions at all which is why you go looking from doing one thing to the next. However, you can only avoid them for so long.
Type 8 – The Challenger – Associated with Aries and Scorpio –  Your problem-solving skills are going to be even more heightened than they normally are and you will be even more perceptive this week. Don’t be surprised if people ask for your help when it comes to helping them solve some technical issues.
Type 9 – The Peacemaker – Associated with Taurus and Libra – You are feeling as if you are spread too thin. Maybe you are and it is time to cut back and delegate the things you don’t need to do.
Hang in there, one week past is another week closer to the end!

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