You have approached the Leo season and there are not too many transits that are happening this week. However, this week starts off with Jupiter in Capricorn sextiling Neptune in Pisces which is a supportive aspect for creativity as well as intuition which is good for many areas of your life, especially with business or work.
Beware that on the same day, Venus in Gemini does square Neptune which can cause you to either be too trusting or not to give those who are worthy of your trust enough of it. With Mercury in Cancer squaring Mars in Aries on the same day, you will be aggressively vocal about it as well. Be cautious.
There are no other major transits other than you getting ready for the Aquarius Full Moon next week. Let’s see how the Enneatypes do.

Type 1 – The Reformer – Associated with Virgo and Gemini – Be prepared that negative situations at home and work will cause you to be overly self-critical and be careful with that. Don’t be too hard on yourself and one of the best things to do to counteract that issue is to get involves with some charitable causes. You will feel better.

Type 2 – The Helper – Associated with Cancer – Be careful with how you communicate with others as there will be some potential heated arguments with those who you are heavily involved with. If you feel as if you are not being treated fairly, talk about it calmly instead of lashing out.
Type 3 – The Achiever – Associated with Leo – If you sign any contracts this week, pay careful attention to it. You may sign something that you will regret later on and be sure to give it a good read before you do.
Type 4 – The Individualist – Associated with Pisces – Be prepared for an innovative spike this week. You will find yourself having an easy way to think outside of the box and using your intuition for problem-solving. You will feel quite good about yourself too.
Type 5 – The Observer – Associated with Aquarius – This is the week to not ignore your intuition. You may be faced with uncomfortable situations that involve family or business that you will not want to take on. If you ignore your intuition about those, you will end up being committed to things that you will regret wholeheartedly later.
Type 6 – The Loyal Cynic – Associated with Capricorn – You will easily become distracted earlier in the week and struggle with some confidence as well. By the end of the week, you will be better. Just get enough sleep this week and shut your devices off within two hours of going to bed.
Type 7 – The Enthusiast – Associated with Sagittarius – You are feeling inclined to get in touch with your spiritual self which is a great thing. The difficulties based on the fact that you have been limited to travel due to the pandemic is pushing you towards your spiritual side which is showing is a good time to evolve.
Type 8 – The Challenger – Associated with Aries and Scorpio – The challenges you will face at work or at home will require you to quickly tap into your intuitive side to do some innovative problem-solving. You will be the one to save the day, yet again!
Type 9 – The Peacemaker – Associated with Taurus and Libra – You will find yourself having a creative spike and you’ll be inclined to do some redecorating. You will be inspired to redecorate your home and office. It is a great activity and a positive distraction as well.
Hang in there, one week past is another week closer to the end of the unthinkable stuff that is going on.