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There are not many big transits or major aspects happening this week. However, prepare yourself for feeling quite irritable and prepare yourself for feeling and being aggressive since Mars in Aries makes a square to Saturn in Capricorn literally during the beginning of the week. You will be feeling extremely resentful of any type of restrictions placed on you. 

Then from the 25th to the 27th, you will have three different aspects as Mercury in Virgo will trine Uranus in Taurus as you will conjure up ideas that are quite clever and brilliant. Just bear in mind to not get ahead of yourself with them because, on the same day, Venus in Cancer opposes Jupiter in Capricorn. That can get you to become wrapped up in thinking that is quite pleasurable. 

However, on the 27th, Venus will trine Neptune in Pisces which will be good for your intuition. You will know which ideas are the winners to present to others. You will see this even more on the 29th as Mercury will trine Capricorn because more opportunities will present itself from your ideas. Let’s see how each of the Enneatype does this week. 

Type 1 – The Reformer – Associated with Virgo and Gemini – This week you have been appointed as the boss or the manager of something. The extra pressure is on you to make sure that everyone is performing as well as they can. This may stress you and those who you are managing out only because of the high standards that you set, so you will want to ease off on those.

Type 2 – The Helper – Associated with Cancer – Be careful not to buy into everything this week that you hear. Someone out there will be convincing but they are deceptive. And you can easily be the one to fall for it. Just be careful and don’t believe everything you hear and see.
Type 3 – The Achiever – Associated with Leo – The fall is coming and this is a time when you will look over how you have done during the summer with yourself and your work. Chances are you are not overly happy considering that you have high standards. While you cut yourself slack, this is a good week to also see the areas where you can improve.
Type 4 – The Individualist – Associated with Pisces – This is not a good week to be alone as tempted as you are. Talk to others and even see your friends from a safe distance. You will end up thinking too much otherwise, and you can easily get depressed by focusing on the negative things.
Type 5 – The Observer – Associated with Aquarius – You will see that your perspectives are shifting this week. Instead of seeing yourself as broken, for example, see that as the part that makes you whole. Instead of shutting out what makes you uncomfortable, look into it instead.
Type 6 – The Loyal Cynic – Associated with Capricorn – This is the week where you can once and for all feel more relaxed which is what you are not used to. Use that time to unwind. Go kick back and enjoy some popcorn, Netflix, and chill.
Type 7 – The Enthusiast – Associated with Sagittarius – You are down about being restricted because of the pandemic, but you have a great distraction this week. You will be attaining professional visibility and focus on how you can use these energies to help you get a boost in business.
Type 8 – The Challenger – Associated with Aries and Scorpio – You have gathered some great ideas from the creative spurt you had last week. Now is the time to put your ideas into action. Mercury in Virgo will help you think it through methodically as well.
Type 9 – The Peacemaker – Associated with Taurus and Libra – Be prepared to deal with some endings this week. It could be the ending of a friendship, or even a relationship, or a job. And as hard as it will be to face as endings are always hard, think of it as a blessing in disguise because new things are for you just around the corner.
Hang in there, one week past is another week closer to the end.

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