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If you are worried about the fact that you are attracted to a tarot deck that you see on Amazon but you are afraid to buy it because of not being gifted with a tarot deck – then there is no need to worry. You may be wondering if it is necessary that you must be gifted with a tarot deck in order to start reading the cards. Because if you aren’t and you end up purchasing your own deck, then it is bad luck. The fact of the matter is, it is a myth. There is absolutely no grain of truth to that myth by any means.

The myth that tarot neophytes must be gifted their first deck in order to start using the cards started during the Renaissance-era in Italy. And this myth has been an ongoing once since then which has caused a lot of anxiety to aspiring tarot readers who came from households where the tarot was forbidden. It could be that these aspiring readers came from religious Christian, Jewish, or Muslim homes where any form of divination is shunned. Therefore, they would never welcome tarot readers. In that case, there would be not even a chance that the aspiring reader would be gifted a tarot deck.

However, in other cases where tarot is very welcomed in a household, aspiring readers don’t need to wait to be gifted a deck either. What may happen is that the mother may gift her teenager or child that just came of age that wants to read tarot the deck that has been used for generations. And there is a good chance that the child would not be attracted to the deck that he so she was gifted. What happens then? Well, you really can’t work well with a deck that you are not attracted to at all.

Therefore, if you want to read the tarot but you don’t like the deck you were gifted or you came from a family that shuns the tarot, you can! And you can do it with the deck that you feel the most attracted to. You can buy the right deck for you at your local metaphysical shop, Amazon, Etsy, or join some Facebook groups where you can buy and sell tarot decks. It is however important to cleanse the deck by either allowing it to sit on the window sill to soak in the sunlight or moonlight. Or, keep it in a bowl of sea salt overnight to cleanse it.

Either way, you absolutely do not need to be gifted a deck to start reading the tarot. Go and buy the deck that feels right to you (but it is best to start with a deck that you can begin working with) and enjoy the journey.

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