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Are you afraid to use tarot cards because you fear that they may bring in negative energy or evil spirits? My advice to you is don’t be. Because remember that tarot cards are a tool that helps you tap into your intuition, psychic abilities if they are strong, and your creativity. Is there anything about those that sound negative? Not at all. However, at the same time, you do have a valid worry.

Anytime you use tools for divination if that is what you are using the tarot cards for, you can open up yourself to negative spirits if you do not protect yourself before doing a reading. And that is the key. If you do forget to protect yourself, then you very well could attract some tickets that are hanging around the lower astral plane. This means they could end up influencing you to the point that you could take the wrong direction or you just feel a negative and uncomfortable vibe. Either way, it is not nice.

But here is good news. The ways to protect yourself are so easy. You can always ask for Archangel Michael to watch over for when you do the reading. Just ask for Archangel Michael as you would ask anyone else to help you out. Envision a white protective bubble around you. And you can keep some crystals around such as amethyst, black tourmaline, or black onyx and place them on the table where you are reading the cards.

You can always keep a bowl of sea salt by your side as you do the reading to help keep you protected. That is because negative entities really are repelled by salt. And even if you do that alone, it will be enough to keep the negative spirits away. Your spirit guides will not be affected by any of this because they are there to help you and have been with you before you had incarnated. Unfortunately, they can’t tell the bad entities off which is why it is important that you protect yourself when you do any type of reading.

And you need to protect yourself when you are using any type of tool for divination which does not only involve tarot cards. If you are using any type of oracle deck to do a reading, runes, or reading tea leaves, you need to stay protected. These tools are neutral and it is no different from using the internet which is also neutral.

If you are smart and stay away from dangerous websites, and don’t interact with those who are vicious, and your only intention is to gain new and helpful information and to network with those who are like-minded – then the internet is a great tool. However, if you use it for not good intentions then it can be dangerous.

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