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Let’s do something fun. Let’s compare dinner ideas to each of the types. Because it really is so easy to do as long as you know about the 9 Enneagram types. Are you ready to get a laugh and get hungry at the same time? Ready, set, go!

Type 1 Dinner – A grilled chicken dinner with yams, salad, and water. Dessert will consist of fresh fruits. The 1s are too concerned with their health. And want to make sure that they are not eating empty calories and are very concerned about their nutritional needs. They also will want to make sure that any consumption of sugar is cut down. 

Type 2 Dinner – Ooey gooey and hot and piping lasagna which will be served to everyone else and they will enjoy their slice last because everyone else’s needs come first. And for dessert, chocolate chip cookies, of course, freshly baked so it is soft and delicious, and most importantly, comforting. 

Type 3 Dinner – It has to be keto! Salmon, eggs, avocados, and salad with nuts all over it. What is for dessert? Berries and chocolate that is 80 percent cocoa. They have to be the best, the fittest and the healthiest of all.

Type 4 Dinner – Seafood pizza because it is so cool and different to have shrimp on the pizza, and dessert, why not make a pizza out of fruit? They can use their skills for creativity to do that. 

Type 5 Dinner – Mac and cheese and water. And an apple for dessert that they will eat by themselves in front of their laptops without anyone around them. 

Type 6 Dinner – Anything that is organic, fresh, and has an expiry date that is far away. They will not touch anything that is processed or else who knows what kind of strange chemicals are in it. They have a good point. 

Type 7 Dinner – Lots of sushi and lots of booze to go with it, and a few slices of pizza as well after. And a piece of chocolate cake that is the most decadent around. 

Type 8 Dinner – Meat Lovers pizza with lots of spice on it! For dessert go after those hard to bite into candy applies. Only the 8 will be able to chew right through the candy goodness. 

Type 9 Dinner – They are having whatever you are doing to have because any of these choices will do. Even though they will prefer what the 2 is having, they will never say it and go after even what the 8 is having if that is what you choose. 

So now if you are struggling with dinner ideas, then you can always rely on this as a guideline based on your Enneagram type. And if you want a variety, then why not go after the most suitable meals that correspond with your Tritype? Or why not just have whatever you are in the mood for regardless of what your type happens to be! And most of all go and enjoy it. 

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