Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups (or the Ace of Ice in the Penguin tarot deck) in the Minor Arcana is the card that represents new love, or a brand new relationship. It is also a card that represents creativity as well as compassion. You are ready to take on a new creative opportunity as this is a time when you may be inclined to start a new art or creative writing project. This is when you may take on a creative class as well such as a dance class or art class. Whatever it is, it is something that will stimulate your creative juices. 

When this card shows up, it is indicative that it is time to open up your heart to a new relationship or a new connection. That can be a new friendship as well as it does not necessarily have to be a new partner. But this is the time to show some compassion towards someone who is struggling and you are there to offer a friendly and caring ear. This card shows for instance that you finally have compassion for someone who you did not believe was having a difficult time with something. Your perspective changed for whatever reason but you now feel compassionate and empathetic towards them. 

When the Ace of Cups is in reverse, it can be indicative of intuition, emotions that are repressed, the creativity that is repressed, or being self-centered. 

ace of cups tarot minor arcana

This card is linked to the water element.