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Every time you hear about natural fertility hacks may think about the foods to eat that will help improve your fertility, and foods to avoid that could hamper it too which you would want to avoid at all costs. Additionally, when you think about unconventional fertility hacks, you will think that it involves feng shui, buying crystals to enhance your fertility, or only having your baby-making fun when it is the full moon.

However, the fertility hacks you are about to learn about have nothing to do with any of that. In fact, you may not have even heard of these hacks at all. In that case, you are about to be blown away so let’s go over these 5 natural yet unconventional fertility hacks now!

1. Sleep In Pitch Black Only – If you use a nightlight in the ensuite in the night for you knowing where you are going when you need to go to the bathroom at 2 or 3 am, you need to take that way. That means to feel around the walls when you are walking around if you must go so you don’t bump into anything. You will also want to invest in blackout blinds or an eye-mask so no trace of light enters your way. Why must you sleep in a pitch black environment in order to boost your fertility?

That is because any trace of light that enters your eyes will interrupt your melatonin production, which will, believe it or not, have a negative impact on your fertility. You absolutely need to have your melatonin levels up because not only does it help your ovaries function at its best, but it also allows the hypothalamus area of your brain to send fertility messages clearly. Sleeping in pure darkness will also help boost your natural progesterone, regulate your cycles, normalize FSH, and improve mucus. And you will also want to get 8 hours of good-quality sleep but don’t fret if you need to go to the bathroom in the night, as long as you get back to sleep right away.

2. Have Your Fun During The Day Only – Nighttime is for sleeping in the pure darkness, but the daytime is when you want to really get busy. The reason for this is because testosterone levels are at its peak, and you and your partner are the most energetic then. I know it sounds impossible if you are working, but you and your partner can always make the best of your lunch break.

3. Take Those Probiotics – This may fall into the category of fertility-boosting foods, however, the one tip that is frequently left out by health professionals when it comes to boosting your fertility is by taking probiotics. Yes, you need probiotics in order to regulate the good bacteria in your gut which has a huge effect on your entire reproductive system and how it functions.

4. Think Cotton And Breathable – The type of underwear when it comes to improving fertility to wear is just as important to women as it is to men. You know that men are told to wear breathable cotton boxers instead of tight-fitting briefs because it enhances their fertility. Well, the ladies need to wear breathable and cotton underwear as well, and to avoid anything tight fitting. Otherwise, it can encourage bad bacteria to breed which will have a negative impact on fertility, more than one would think!

5. Don’t Douche – There is no need to douche in the first place, ever because natural cleaning takes place. But douching can remove the good bacteria that keeps things functioning along with the bad. You don’t want the good bacteria to go anywhere because it helps you more than you know.

Now you know about the natural yet unusual fertility hacks to utilize to increase your chances of growing your family sooner rather than later! These are easy and good luck with it all!

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