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You want to change your lifestyle for the better. You want to eat well, exercise, and stay organized. However, you understandably are concerned that you could sway from maintaining a healthy lifestyle even though you are committed to living it. I get it! We all get distracted. Life gets in the way sometimes.

This is why you will want to harness the power of crystal healing in order to help you stay on track. It can’t hurt!

Here are 5 crystals that can help you stick to healthy living.

1. Citrine

This stone is excellent for helping you stick to a positive mindset, and it is one that will help bring you joy and abundance as well. Therefore, if you are feeling discouraged about anything, Citrine with you at all times will help your mood stay elevated so you don’t stay feeling discouraged.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst is excellent for keeping you balanced emotionally, mentally, and physically. You will not be able to achieve living a healthy lifestyle if you are not in balance. This is a good stone as well to keep all of your chakras cleared which is one way to achieve balance. You will want to carry this stone with you at all times as it also has protective properties that will prevent negativity from going towards your way from any source.

3. Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz is excellent for keeping your overall quality of life great, and it helps with keeping your mental focus strong and it also is good for keeping you energetic. This is another great stone to ward off negativity, and it also helps to strengthen your intuition so you know without having to question what really is best for you.

4. Garnet

Garnet helps with bringing in abundance, as well as helping you go with the flow, and is great for vitality. Therefore, if you know you need to work out but you are not in the mood for it, this stone will help invigorate you. And then you will feel more motivated to exercise.

5. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a great stone to help ward off negativity, as well as helps keep your mental health up to par, and is good for invigorating you as well. This stone is also good to protect you from psychic attacks. If anyone wishes ill on you, you will not be affected as this stone will prevent that from happening.

Cleansing Your Crystals

It is important that you do regularly cleanse these crystals. They will absorb a lot of energy and that is the purpose for them to help you. Here’s how you can cleanse your crystals.

  • Either place them on a window sill during the day in the sunlight or if it is a full moon, you can place them overnight.
  • You can also place them in a bowl of sea salt overnight as well as it will absorb the energies.
  • Be sure to replace the salt right away afterward. It is also a good idea to have several sets of these crystals so that you have them available for when the others are being cleansed.

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