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The Sun

This is the happiest card, which represents pure joy, happiness, celebration, vitality, success, and marriage.

Corresponding Number: 19
Corresponding Planet: Sun
Enneagram Type: N/A

When the Sun is in reverse, it means vitality is low, disappointments, false impressions and no clarity.


Judgment is the card that represents renewal, resurrection, entering a state of higher consciousness, redemption, making bold decisions, and awakening.

Corresponding Number: 20
Corresponding Planet: Pluto
Enneagram Type: N/A

When this card is in reverse it represents no logic, poor judgment, acting on impulse, and stagnation.

The Empress

The Empress is associated with motherhood and anything that is maternal. There is nurturing creativity and abundance. It can also be a sign of pregnancy, and if this card comes up, it can be a sign of an opportunity on the way.

Corresponding Number: 3
Corresponding Planet: Venus
Enneagram Type: 2

The Empress reversed can indicate problems in the home, financial problems, as well as stagnation.