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Knight of Cups

This card is the one that represents imagination, beauty, and creativity. There is some charm associated with this card. Astrologically this card is associated with Aquarius and Pisces.

When it shows up in reverse, it can be indicative of moodiness, envy, not being realistic as well as having an imagination that is overactive.

Three of Wands

This card represents progress, unexpected gains, new partnerships, foresight, future planning, and opportunities. This card is astrologically tied to the Sun in Aries.

This card in reverse indicates a lack of planning forward and foresight.

Four of Wands

This card shows that someone’s ideas and plans have materialized. It can relate to business, personal life, and relationships. Marriage is on the way with this card. This is a joyous card which means celebration, harmony, and relaxation. Astrologically this card is tied to Venus in Aries.

This card in reverse may mean these things have been achieved such as a plan materializing but there is a lack of happiness and alignment with it.