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Knight of Wands

There is a change happening, motion is happening, and something is about to end which is welcomed. It could be a better job being around the corner meaning the one you are not happy in is about to end. Astrologically, Scorpio and Sagittarius are tied to this card.

In reverse, there are delays to the changes and stagnation.

Knight of Swords

This is an ambitious figure who is quick to think and has a strong desire to succeed. Astrologically this card is linked to Taurus and Gemini.

When this card shows up in reverse it indicates impulsive thinking and someone who is not focused.

Four of Pentacles

This card indicates being frugal and conservative with money. It shows that there is complete control over finances. Astrologically, this card is tied to the Sun in Capricorn.

When this card is in reverse, it can either mean being cheap or not being cautious with money. It depends on the spread.