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The Empress

The Empress is associated with motherhood and anything that is maternal. There is nurturing creativity and abundance. It can also be a sign of pregnancy, and if this card comes up, it can be a sign of an opportunity on the way.

Corresponding Number: 3
Corresponding Planet: Venus
Enneagram Type: 2

The Empress reversed can indicate problems in the home, financial problems, as well as stagnation.

Queen of Cups

This card represents a character that is caring, kind, compassionate, intuitive, goes with the flow, and stable on an emotional level. Astrologically this card is associated with Gemini and Cancer.

When this card is in reverse, it can indicate selfishness and be codependent.

Page of Swords

This card indicates that brand new ideas are on their way as well as a strong hunger for knowledge. This card is linked to the air element.

This is a communication card, and if this shows up in reverse, it indicates that it is a case of all talk but no action.