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Three of Pentacles

This is the teamwork card, and is the one that indicates that there is collaboration, as well as implementing what one has learned. Astrologically, this card is tied to Mars in Capricorn.

When this card is in reverse, it shows that there is trouble within the team as well as disharmony. It is also a choice to work independently instead of being a part of a team.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is about education, formality, and tradition. This can also be a card that represents someone who is religious, seeking counsel or advice, and simply learning. Higher levels of education are also associated with this card.

Corresponding Number: 5
Corresponding Sign: Taurus
Enneagram Type: 1

The Hierophant in reverse is rebellion, being given poor advice, and rejecting family values.

Nine of Swords

This is the anxiety card as it can indicate excessive worry as well as fear. There is anxiety and depression. It can indicate that there are nightmares. Astrologically, Mars in Gemini is associated with this card.

When this card is in reverse, it means that the fears are quite deep or that they are being released which depends on the spread.