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Death is the most misunderstood card in the deck. It rarely means physical death. However, when it comes to terminal illnesses it does. What it really represents are endings, transformations or major changes.

Corresponding Number: 13
Corresponding Sign: Scorpio
Enneagram Type: N/A

When this card is in reverse, it means that there is resistance to change, depression, or simply not being aware.

Ace of Pentacles

This card indicates that there is a new business venture on the rise. It can also be a sign of a new financial opportunity, as well as manifesting abundance. It is tied to the earth signs.

When this card is in reverse, it can indicate that something was planned poorly or that an opportunity was missed.

Four of Cups

This is the apathy and boredom card. This card can also indicate being contemplative, meditating, as well as re-evaluating. Astrologically this card is linked to the Moon in Cancer.

When this card is in reverse, it means there is a withdrawal.