The tree is the fifth Lenormand card in the deck that represents health, spirituality, karma, something from the past, slow growth, and deeply rooted. That card comes after House, so let’s go over the meaning of this card.

The Main Purpose Of The Tree Lenormand Card

When the tree card comes up in the reading, it can represent several issues that depend on the other card or cards surrounding it. Sometimes it can indicate that the seeker needs to look after their health, and a call to the doctor needs to be made. It does not mean anything is wrong, but perhaps a check-up is due.

The tree can also be indicative of something from the past coming up, such as a karmic issue. Since it is a spiritual card, it can also represent that someone will become spiritual such as learning to meditate, do yoga, etc.

It is also a card that reminds you to be patient and to allow things to unfold as they are meant to, which can take a while, such as finding the right career or relationship.

The tree card can also represent the number 5, such as five days, five weeks, five months, or May.

The tree card is relevant to:

  • Anything regarding health
  • Spirituality
  • Karma
  • Something deeply rooted
  • Slow growth
  • Something from the past
  • Number 5

How The Tree Card Relates To Tarot

The tree Lenormand card is similar to specific tarot cards, as one is the Seven of Pentacles, representing slow growth. For example, if you are investing, it will take time to bring anything to you. And the other
tarot card the tree is similar to is Temperance, which represents spiritual patience and moderation. Temperance is one of the most spiritual tarot cards.

The tree is also similar to the Six of Cups tarot card as that is all about nostalgia, as the Lenormand card signifies anything from the past. Finally, the last tarot card the tree has similarities to is Judgment, as that card is about karma. Perhaps even Justice as well, for the same reason. Now, let’s look at the positions of the tree card in a reading, starting with the past.

Tree Lenormand Card In The Past Position

This card has to do with the past, whether it is karmic or familial. It can also have to do with health or spirituality. This card indicates that you either found a spiritual side to yourself that is affecting you now. Or, you are dealing with issues from the past that are creeping up with you directly, whether from your childhood, early adulthood, or even past life.

Tree Lenormand Card In The Present Position

This indicates that things from your past are affecting you today or you are finding comfort in spirituality. How it is affecting you? That depends on the rest of the reading. Perhaps you are delving into spirituality to work through your past if there are significant traumas.  And delving into spirituality is one of the best ways to move forward from it.

Tree Lenormand Card In The Future Position

Something from your past, whether from your current or past life, will come up. Or you may find it within you to become spiritual for one reason or another. Just be prepared that if something from your past comes up, it could be triggering, but you will have the opportunity to get through it.

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