The ship is the third card in the deck after Clover. It represents long or short journeys and any efforts you put into your ventures. This card can represent travel, investments, or long-distance relationships.

The Main Purpose Of The Ship Lenormand Card

When the ship card comes up in a reading, it indicates taking a long-distance trip or by ship to another country or continent. When it comes to a business reading, this card comes up when it suggests an investment you have made is finally paying off. That is excellent news always to hear.

For example, the ship in relationship readings means that there is a long-distance relationship on the rise that has the potential to turn into something. However, for it to materialize, it is time to let go of an old relationship that is not serving you.

If the ship card emerges in a career reading, it indicates that you will get the career of your dreams and will hear the news soon. When this card comes up in a health reading, it suggests that you can find the treatment you need in a different area of the world.

This card also represents the number three. So it can be three days, three weeks, three months, or the month of March.

Here are the points that the ship brings up:

  • The good news about a new career on the way
  • Learning about a long-distance relationship in the making
  • A long-distance trip
  • Investments are paying off
  • Healing from another part of the world
  • The number three

How The Ship Relates To Tarot

The ship relates to several tarot cards, one being the Star for hope. If you have been patient and waiting for something to happen, and you see the signs that things are taking off, that relates to this card. The other card the ship can connect to is the Nine of Pentacles because investments are finally paying off, which anyone would want to see.

Another tarot card would be the Eight of Wands for air travel. Even though travel by air is different from travel by ship, it is still travel, which is why the ship can also relate to Six of Swords because it is a journey through the water.

Ship Lenormand Card In The Past Position

You went on a journey that could be an overseas trip that you invested your resources into, whether monetary or your heart and soul. If you have positive cards for your present or future, you will profit from them. You will suffer from a loss if there are negative cards, but you still have the experience the journey taught you.

Ship Lenormand Card In The Present Position

You are on a journey where you are investing your money or your heart and soul resources. It could be an overseas trip, or you are simply investing in something life-changing. It is a journey that means so much to you, and if that is what you are on, then you will see this card. The future card will reveal how the journey has shaped you.

Ship Lenormand Card In The Future Position

You will make a long-term investment or go on a long and life-changing journey. It shows that you are not there yet, but you are on your way, and it is on the horizon. And it may be helpful to see this card in the future position if you are currently feeling stuck or defeated. It can give you something to be hopeful about, as you all need that.

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