The Scythe is the 10th card in the Lenormand deck, representing abrupt, sudden, and abrupt endings after flowers. It simply means that something will be cut, and something will be over.

The Main Purpose Of The Scythe Lenormand Card

When the Scythe appears in a reading, it indicates that something will be cut away and end fast. However, it does not always mean something ‘bad’ will happen.

It just means a sudden ending will occur, and something that had to end will unexpectedly. There will not be any logic or emotions that are part of this. Something no longer purposeful in someone’s life will be ripped away.

Regarding relationships or career readings, it means a quick ending is happening.

In health readings, it can represent issues with the teeth or something to do with surgery. On the other hand, it could mean cutting something out of your diet.

This card is the 10th, representing 10, whether ten days, ten weeks, ten months, or October. Here are the terms that pertain to this card:

  • Something cut away from one’s life
  • Sharp endings
  • Destruction
  • Rip something away
  • Abrupt
  • Number 10

How The Scythe Lenormand Card Relates To Tarot

There are three tarot cards that you can compare to the scythe Lenormand card. One is Death, as you see, which is a card that represents endings. So yes, it can describe transformations, but for something to transform, something needs to end. And it will cease immediately.

The Scythe Lenormand card also relates to the Ten of Swords as that is the card that also represents endings. Whenever that card comes into the picture, it means it is over. Whatever it is, it is finished. There is no going back with that one. Finally, the scythe card can also be similar to the Tower, as that represents abrupt destruction. Whenever the Tower shows up, something surprising and shockingly is destroyed.

Scythe Lenormand Card In The Past Position

If the Scythe shows up in a reading in the past position, you had either an abrupt ending or a clean break. Or maybe you cut away something no longer serving you, such as a harmful or destructive habit. Or, something that you thought you had going for you suddenly disappeared from your life like an opportunity.

Scythe Lenormand Card In The Present Position

You are cutting away something that is no longer serving you or experiencing a sudden ending of something, which shows if the Scythe shows up in the present position. For example, perhaps you have hit rock bottom, and you know you must cut out the habit or addiction to move forward, so you are cutting that away. Or perhaps you are currently unexpectedly laid off or broken up with your partner.

Scythe Lenormand Card In The Future Position

If the Scythe shows up in the future position, you will be cutting something away from your life or ending something suddenly. Maybe you will ghost someone without warning them, or vice versa could happen, which will surprise you. Depending on the spread, don’t get too comfortable or secure with something because it will suddenly end.

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