Rider, also known as Cavalier or Horseman, is the first card in the Lenormand deck. New beginnings and brand-new news are the primary meanings of this card.

This card can indicate the end of any delays experienced in a reading. A new activity is on the horizon. A message will be delivered to you informing you of the change. It is a great card to see if the querent is feeling stuck, as this signifies that things are about to move forward. Therefore, the rider on the horse is once again on the move. 

When this card signifies a person, it signifies that a young boy or man in the picture may be athletic or attractive. 

The Main Points Of The Rider Card

  • News that’s brand new
  • An ever-changing thing
  • Sending messages
  • Short-term visitors
  • There are no details
  • Transport that is quick and convenient
  • Sporting athlete
  • A beautiful person
  • The young boy or gentleman

How Does The Rider Lenormand Card Compare To Some Tarot Cards?

The Rider in the Lenormand deck compares to the Pages and Knights (except for the Knight of Pentacles) court cards in each of the suits and the Eight of Wands because of quick movement. 

The Pages are messengers and do represent quick and inspirational energy, except for the Page of Pentacles. However, the Page of Pentacles only counts because of being a messenger regarding business or anything practical or physical. The Knights are quick-moving, except for the Knight of Pentacles, as he takes slow and practical action. 

However, you can compare the Rider to the Eight of Wands because of quick movement, as that is the tarot card that represents things moving forward quickly. So now that you know this, let’s look at how you can interpret the Rider Lenormand card in the past, present, and future positions. 

Rider Lenormand Card In The Past Position

 You got the Rider in a past position because you received news that changed an aspect of your life that you are currently dealing with. For example, you were offered a new job due to feeling unsatisfied and stagnant in your current position. So, as you pack up your belongings from your current office, you are preparing yourself to start your new job. Now, let’s see what it means for the present position. 

Rider Lenormand Card In The Present Position 

It means you are in the middle of doing something brand new right now if the Rider card is in the present position. Here is an example. A new buyer just bought your home, so you are putting your house up for sale. There have been no buyers so far. You are now focused on doing your own house-hunting. Now, let’s look at this card in the future position. 

Rider Lenormand Card In The Future Position

 When Rider is in the future position, renewal is imminent. Your delay is finally ending, or you are about to receive some news that will change things. Here is an example. You have been trying to sell your house for months, but no one has shown an interest in buying it. Someone will buy your house if this card shows up in a future position!

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