The Flowers or the bouquet is the ninth card in the Lenormand deck which comes after the coffin, and it is all about pure joy. It can represent a gift, an invitation, or something favorable.

The Main Purpose Of The Flowers Lenormand Card

The Flowers is a joyful card that can indicate an invitation to a party, a fun event on the way, something or someone charming, and pure happiness and fun. When this card appears, it is a sign that whatever you have wanted to do and have faced delays can be started, finally. And it will be successful when you do.

When this card shows up for a love reading, this is a good sign that the relationship is excellent or there is a new love around the corner.

When this card shows up for career reading, it means that either a new career that will be enjoyable is on the way. Or if there were stressors at work, things would be resolved.

When this card shows up regarding health, it means that your health is good (but always see a doctor anyway to confirm).

Regarding timing, this is the number nine, meaning something will happen in nine days, nine weeks, nine months, or September. Here are the terms that pertain to this card:

  • Something enjoyable
  • Gratitude
  • Happiness
  • Fun
  • Charm
  • Joy
  • Happy
  • Invitation
  • Party
  • Good timing
  • Success
  • Number 9

How The Flowers Lenormand Card Relates To Tarot

The Flowers Lenormand card has an association with some tarot cards. One of them is the Sun because it is the card that represents happiness and success. That is not a surprise. Additionally, you can think of the Three of Cups when you think of this Lenormand card as an emotionally-filled celebration with friends.

I don’t associate it too much with the Four of Wands as that is a celebration card too, but the reason for that is there is a lot of passion with that card as it is part of the Wands suit, which correlates with fire. Therefore, it is not a fit for the flowers card as it is not passionate. It is a fun, emotional card. It is a much better fit for the Cups suit.

Of course, with flowers, you can compare it to the Nine of Cups, as that is the wish card, and the Ten of Cups, which is the fulfillment and happiness card. So therefore, I associate those tarot cards with the flower Lenormand card. Let’s go over the flower card in different positions.

Flowers Lenormand Card In The Past Position

You received an unexpected gift or an unexpected invite to a party that turned out to be enjoyable. You have it as a fond memory now, and you will likely have it as an excellent memory for a long time. It is one of those things that you appreciate.

Flowers Lenormand Card In The Present Position

You are ready to go to a party, or you received/are about to receive in the present an unexpected gift. You are having an enjoyable time right now based on the subject of the reading. And it helps to elevate your mood. There are blessings you are acknowledging.

Flowers Lenormand Card In The Future Position

An unexpected gift or invitation to a party is on the way. In addition, you will find enjoyable moments. Or you may come into contact with someone who will elevate your mood. Either way, those are all good things. Something coming up with also cause you to count your blessings.

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