The coffin or the grave is the eighth Lenormand card after the snake that represents endings, death, or completion of a cycle. And when this card comes up, people get scared because they think it means that there is literal death. However, that is not the case. It simply means an ending.

The Main Purpose Of The Coffin Lenormand Card

When the coffin comes up, it simply means that something you are dealing with or something in your life is about to end. Therefore, it dies. Those dealing with something unpleasant rejoiced when they saw this card because it indicated it was about to end.

The coffin can also indicate a change happening. Remember that things don’t last forever because everything is evolving. Even things that drag on don’t last forever. Sometimes when this card comes up, it means that something is changing, going from one thing right to another.

When this card appears in love or career readings, a relationship or a career will end, but it also means another is around the corner.

Regarding health, it can indicate depression, but it also suggests that it is a good idea to see a doctor to ensure your health is okay.

This is the eighth card, and it can also mean eight, eight days, eight weeks, eight months, or August. Here are the terms that pertain to the coffin Lenormand card.

  • Death
  • Endings
  • Depression
  • Change
  • Illness
  • Transformation
  • Negativity
  • Number 8

How The Coffin Lenormand Card Relates To Tarot

It is not a surprise that the coffin Lenormand card can be comparable to the Death tarot card, which is all about endings and transformation. Another tarot card you can compare the coffin to is the Ten of Swords because that is all about endings, and whatever it is that ended, it ended for good.

Additionally, you can compare it to the Wheel of Fortune due to changes in cycles, as once things turn in a direction, there is no going back. Finally, the last card you can compare the coffin to is The World, which represents completion as you begin a new cycle. Now, let’s look at the coffin from different positions.

Coffin Lenormand Card In The Past Position

If the coffin Lenormand card shows up in the past position, it means you have experienced an ending, a transformation, an illness, or a bout of depression. Therefore, something has finished for you, and you may be grieving. And grief from any loss can last a lifetime. You learn to live with it and work through it.

Coffin Lenormand Card In The Present Position

You are experiencing an ending, a transformation, and an illness, or you are going through a bout of depression currently. That is what has indicated if the coffin Lenormand card shows up now, there is a need for support. Even if the transformation is positive, such as starting your life in a new city, starting a new career because your old one ended, or being a new parent. None of it is easy.

Coffin Lenormand Card In The Future Position

If you get the coffin in the future position, it is a sign that you will be experiencing an ending, an illness, a transformation, or you could struggle with depression. Beware of that; you may be feeling something impending or know that something will happen that will cause you to experience loss.

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