Clover is the second card in the Lenormand deck representing short-term luck, as the first card is the Rider. This card indicates it is time to take a chance whenever a surprise occurs.

The Main Points Of The Clover Card

The appearance of this card in a reading indicates that you are about to encounter a streak of good luck. It will only last a short while, a stroke of luck. It would be best to take a chance on something you want to do but want to avoid risking.

It’s time to take that risk. You may have to play the lottery. You might not win the jackpot, but you get more than expected. It is also a card that indicates surprises. In addition, it can mean something that does not go according to plan but in a positive way.

As luck represents the four-leaf clover, it does fade over time. So now, let’s go over the points that Clover brings up.

    • Taking a chance
    • Hope
    • Open-mindedness
    • Excitement
    • Being happy
    • Surprises

How The Clover Relates To The Tarot

The Clover is related to the Star tarot card as it represents hope. It also relates to the Eight of Wands because it means fast movement, as luck will not last long, but you take what you can get from it. I cannot think of any other tarot cards related to the Clover. Now, let’s go over the positions of the Clover card meanings.

Clover Lenormand Card In The Past Position

If you get the Clover in the past position, you experienced some good luck that brought you some optimism, and you don’t feel as pessimistic about other challenges if you are facing them now. For example, you were applying to be a writer for an agency you wanted to write for, and you got a position that had helped you open up some doors to branch out further now when it comes to accelerating your writing career. So let’s look at the present situation.

Clover Lenormand Card In The Present Position

If you get the Clover in the present position, you are experiencing something unexpected and positive and bringing in a little bit of luck, even though it will be short-lived. It is making you happy. It could be as simple as a friend calling you out of nowhere and expressing interest in you, someone who you did not expect to be the one to initiate a call. It would be a present surprise. Now, let’s look at Clover in the future position.

Clover Lenormand Card In The Future Position

If you get Clover in your future position, you are about to experience some short-lived good luck. But, even though it won’t be long-lasting, it will provide you with the much-needed joy you deserve. It could be an invitation to an outing that can lift your spirits. Or, it may be winning a small amount of money by playing the lottery. But, it would not be significant.

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