The Clouds card is the sixth Lenormand card in the deck, coming after the tree, representing sadness, confusion, poor judgment, intelligence, and bad weather. Therefore, it can have a much darker meaning, but it is certainly not the worst card in the deck, as the following one, the Snake, can be far worse than the Clouds.

The Main Purpose Of The Clouds Lenormand Card

The Clouds card is the 6th card in the deck, representing sadness, confusion, poor judgment, intelligence, and bad weather.

When the clouds come up in a reading, it often indicates a lot of confusion that often comes with sadness or just sadness. This can also mean there are a lot of complications, and there is uncertainty about where to go in life. This is a time to be clear and frank with yourself to look into areas of your life that are troubling you that need improvement. This is an area that needs to get better.

Also, because clouds never stay in one place, it indicates that the troubles you are experiencing will not last either but must be addressed. For example, regarding love and career, the clouds suggest confusion around those areas. However, when it involves health, then it can point to depression.

If it concerns someone, this card can also represent an older man with dark hair. For timing, this card represents the number 6. This can be six days, six weeks, six months, or the month of June. The words associated with the clouds Lenormand card are:

  • Uncertainty
  • Plenty of confusion
  • Sadness
  • Intelligence
  • Poor judgment
  • Bad weather
  • An older man with dark hair
  • Number 6

How The Cloud Lenormand Card Relates To Tarot

Are there some tarot cards that the Cloud Lenormand card has ties to? Yes, it does, and let’s go over them now. Clouds can relate to the Moon tarot card because of the confusion and uncertainty aspect of it. When the Moon tarot card comes up in a reading, it is a sign that there is a lack of clarity.

The other tarot card that the clouds have associations with is the Two of Swords because of the struggle to make decisions as it comes up if you have to make a very challenging decision. Additionally, this card can have similarities to the Three of Swords because there are aspects of depression associated with this Lenormand card.

Also, when you are in such as state of confusion, you will feel trapped, and that is how you feel when the Eight of Swords comes up, as there are similarities between that tarot card and the clouds. Finally, since the clouds represent a dark-haired man, you can say there are relations to the King of Swords. Now let’s look at this card in the different positions.

Clouds Lenormand Card In The Past Position

You were struggling with confusion, depression, or uncertainty over something. Depending on the present and future cards, you are either in a better place now or facing other struggles. The thing with the clouds is that it is a sign that whatever it did not last too long, as clouds do flow.

Clouds Lenormand Card In The Present Position

You are dealing with a lot of general uncertainty and confusion about life and may also be experiencing depression. It, however, never lasts too long. So, therefore, you can rest assured that you will not have to face this for much longer. All you can do is ride through it since there are no other options.

Clouds Lenormand Card In The Future Position

You will face some uncertainty and confusion about something, but it won’t last long. Be aware that it may bring you down, so you are prepared. But once again, when the clouds are in the picture, they will not stick around for very long. Just ride through it when it does.

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